Anyone that spends time working at a desk knows that the buildup of clutter is inevitable. Office desks are famous for accumulating lost documents, old sticky notes, and other materials that are used for work. Sometimes, having a bit too much clutter can interfere with your work and you have to clean up. If you still aren’t sure about de-cluttering your workspace, here are some reasons why it could benefit your time at the office.

Visualize a clean work station

It’s hard to create a clean and clutter-free desk when you constantly have to use it for work. How do you even decide what is clutter and what is essential? Those of us that have had to handle several projects at once know how hectic a desk can get when you’re doing everything all at once. When every element is essential to your work, how do you decide what to move in order to de-clutter?
5 Benefits of Decluttering Your Workspace 1
The truth is that there is no simple answer. The best way to start cleaning up would be to visualize your optimal desk. What are the most convenient items that you constantly use? If they need to be by your side, where will you put them so that they look like they’re in their right place? If a stack of paper looks out of place or it isn’t essential for your current project, wouldn’t it be better to put it in one of the desk drawers?
Once you have a clear vision of what your desk should look like, you can more easily organize it to fit your needs.

No more delays

Clutter has only one purpose: slowing you down. When you’re busy trying to find one slip of paper in a sea of sticky notes, staplers, and pens, the clutter is inevitably going to slow you down. Instead of spending all that time sifting through things, you should take the time to organize your desk to make things easier for yourself.
You would be surprised at how much faster you can work with a de-cluttered desk. Everything is where it’s supposed to be and you don’t waste any time searching through piles of items.

It gives you good optics

5 Benefits of Decluttering Your Workspace 2
The aesthetic element of a neat and tidy desk can’t be forgotten. There’s something about having a well-organized desk that oozes productivity and dedication. When people walk by your desk, do you want them to think that you’re a messy slob? Obviously, you would rather that they see you as someone who is on top of things and that cleaning your desk doesn’t pose a problem for you.

Keep in mind that optics are crucial in an office environment. People like judging a book by its cover sometimes, and judging a desk by its looks has some merit. It’s not just about how your desk looks; it’s about how well you can maintain it.

Managing paperwork becomes easier

Paperwork is an essential part of just about every profession. You need to fill out forms, sign documents, and send things to the archives. There are a bunch of different papers that are set to end up in different places. Something might need to be faxed, while other things have to be shredded. Mixing things up isn’t in your best interest.

You need to be able to separate important documents from unimportant ones. If your desk is messy, it becomes easy to mistake one piece of paper for another one. If you have a lot of space on an orderly desk, you can neatly separate documents into different stacks without worrying. Sending them somewhere else becomes a breeze. When you fill those compact basket trolleys with documents, you want to make sure that everything is accounted for. With less unnecessary clutter on your desk, it becomes a lot less likely that you’ll mix papers up.

You get to take back control of your work

People tend to get annoyed when their desk isn’t organized well. All that clutter doesn’t just look bad, it influences how you feel when you find yourself working in front of it. Some would even equate a messy desk with a messy work ethic. However, it’s a little bit more complicated than that.

Think of your desk as a playground for your mind. It gives you a place to brainstorm and come up with new ideas that will help you further your professional goals. If it’s messy, you can be sure that your thought process will end up being just as messy. When you decide to clean and organize your desk, you’re effectively taking back control of it. You’ll be able to focus on your work instead of the mess in front of you and your productivity will increase.


Keeping your desk clean and free of clutter shouldn’t be much of a problem. Despite how unnecessary it might seem, having a clean and tidy provides you with a host of benefits you might not have considered. Both you and your coworkers will be able to appreciate a tidy desk and you’ll be able to work more productively once you take care of any mess that might be present.