5 Best Google Chrome extensions for Web Developers


If you are a web developer and Google Chrome browser user, there are tools for your browser that will help you with certain situations. For example, if you want to see rank of a certain website, there are also tools for that. These tools are known as extensions. let’s take a look at five developer tool extensions for Chrome.



ShiftEdit is an Ideal tool for web developers. It is an online PHP, Ruby, Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor. You can create, edit and publish PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript scripts also you can access and publish files through FTP/SFTP and Dropbox. With revision history you can step back in time.

Please follow this link to install ShiftEdit extension to your Chrome browser

MyQuery Builder

MyQuery Builder

MyQuery Builder is a visual MySQL Query editor for PHP web developers. MyQuery Builder lets you build MySQL queries visually with drag-and-drop ease, it is designed to work with your IDE of choice, be it Coda, Dreamweaver, TextMate, or BBEdit. MQB works alongside your tools, allowing you to build and edit MySQL queries and the PHP code needed to build dynamic sites. Install MyQuery Builder extension

RegExp Tester App

RegExp Tester App

Next extension is RegExp Tester App. It’s helps you to create and test regular expressions. Use this link to install RegExp Tester App. You can download it’s source code from Google Project Hostingsting.



Sidengo helps you to create a gorgeous website that can be displayed in your Facebook Page as a tab or embedded anywhere else in the web as a widget. In just a few minutes, you can have your own website and expose it to millions of people through Facebook. Also Sidengo sites are mobile optimized and can be added to iPhone and iPad home screens – giving you your own iOS web app instantly. To install Sidengo please follow this link



SEOrch is an onpage SEO tool. by this extension you can test a website for OnPage Search Engine factors, find common SEO mistakes and improve your website. It checks the most important OnPage factors like Title Tag, Meta Description, Text and Links, and also examines the structure of your website. Also it will check technical factors such as load time and file size are also considered. Use this link to install SEOrch extension

This is my list of best chrome extensions for web developers. There are plenty of other good extension available on Chrome Web Store. Please visit the store and try other extensions.

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