Hospitals hold a near and dear place close to American hearts, because those are the very places that we decide to place our trust in other human beings. It is crazy to think that we trust our most loved ones’ lives into the arms of a complete stranger, but this is the very profession of the doctor and other medical and healthcare professionals.

It takes a lot to truly trust someone to take into account the life of someone else, and it is tough to truly give away to that knowledge. For anyone that has been in that situation, then they are very familiar with what we are talking about. Medicine is one of the most advanced sciences in the entire world, but it still is not the most exact science around- which is why many people are in fact very weary of doctors and other medical and healthcare associated workers. But, there are some places- especially hospitals- which stand heads and shoulders above the rest of the crowd.

Johns Hopkins Hospital- Baltimore, Maryland

This hospital is the most popular hospital across the United States- and perhaps the most popular hospital in the entire world. Pretty much, every hospital or medical related t.v. show that you have seen stems from Johns Hopkins in some way or another. This is pretty much the dream job of many doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Not only does the Johns Hopkins school offer a great education, it also offers a great opportunity for students to have hands-on experience, as it is one of the largest and most prestigious medical facilities in the area, and perhaps the whole state in general.

Massachusetts General Hospital- Boston, Massachusetts

The East Coast has some of the best hospitals and medical care facilities in the country, and the Massachusetts General Hospital is no different. As far as medical facilities that keep and train students go, the Massachusetts General Hospital is one of the best places in the entire country.

The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

If you have not ever heard of this medical institute, then you probably do not follow medical stories very often in the news. The Mayo Clinic is probably the most visible medical institute because it is a non-profit facility, and is the prime place where most students flock to.

Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio

This medical facility is the top rated medical facility in the rust belt area of the United States. The hospital area is actually a little smaller than the average size of the facilities on this list, but they still offer a high-quality education for medical students, as well as tons of opportunities to intern at the Cleveland Clinic, as it is one of the most impoverished areas in the nation.

The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

As if the name does not speak for itself. This is the best hospital and medical facility in the greater Los Angeles area, which should speak for itself on its own.