The technology industry is a high-demand career field that’s always pushing the envelope of the future, so it’s no surprise that business tech jobs pay well. With that said, here are five of some of the best paying jobs in the business technology field.

Database Administrator


From small businesses to large corporations, the business world runs on databases, which is exactly why database administrators are in such high-demand in the business technology field. Simply put, database administrators outfit companies with computer databases and then maintain the database operations and infrastructure.

Database administrators have job flexibility because they can work in-house at a single corporation or jump from business to business maintaining multiple databases. The median salary for database administrators is $78,500 and growing. The unemployment rate is a low 3.5 percent.

Social Media Specialist

Businessman drawing a social media diagram on a whiteboard

Also known as social networking architects, the sole responsibility of social media specialists is to make sure the business at hand has a growing, effective, and influential social presence. With all the analytical and social performance tools out there, this career is just as technical as it is social.

Not only do social media specialists have to juggle clickstream data, social infrastructure, and the user intelligence features of massive business-wide social campaigns, they have to do all of this while successfully connecting the business to the digital world. Social media specialists can expect median starting salaries of $65,000. The unemployment rate for this evolving career is at about 2 percent.

Business Architect

Much like a database administrator, a business architect is in charge of making sure the business’s digital world successfully holds together. But, unlike an administrator, a business architect is responsible for researching future IT organizational strategies for the entire company, oftentimes reporting directly to the CEO.

Business architects must have a working knowledge of business models and desired workflows. In other words, if you’re interested in becoming a business architect, you must improve your business acumen alongside your technological knowledge. Because business architects specialize in both business and technology, they receive median salaries starting in the low $100,000s.

Data Specialist

Big data is a big part of the business world and because of this, data specialists are becoming more and more sought-after. Data specialists are responsible for making sure the massive amounts of a business’s structured and unstructured data is archived and utilized for future reference. Data specialists can expect starting salaries of $95,700 with plenty of room to grow.

Computer Systems Administrator

The job title of computer systems administrator has evolved over the years, but the role of a systems administrator is more important than ever. In a computerized nutshell, systems administrators make sure all-things Internet, from emails to webpages, work efficiently and without issue. Because the digital realm of business is continuously growing, computer systems administrators receive starting salaries in the low $70,000s. The unemployment rate is in the mid 3 percent.

From databases to social media, it’s plain to see that the business world heavily relies on its tech professionals and, therefore, pays them well.