Playing games is always fun, but what if you can sharpen your brains? Yes, it is possible to hone those grey cells and at the same time have great fun. Puzzles are good to pass time and also healthy for your mind. So next time you download any gaming apps on your smartphones, make sure you check out the puzzles. These increase your concentration power and improve your logical thinking. If you think you are smart, then here are five best puzzle games for Android smartphones. Check out if you can unravel these puzzles and test your mettle.

Traffic jam


This game offers hours of mind twisting puzzles that are fun to play. The motive is to steer your car out from the traffic jam. As you move ahead in the game, the levels get challenging. The puzzle serves as great entertainment for bored kids. This game also helps to develop the mind power. It is fun to play, so download Traffic jam today!

Cut the rope


This is one amongst the challenging puzzles. It looks easy but you need to be smart enough to apply the simple physics accordingly so as to feed your little monster. This game runs on basic physics principles and all you need to do is, cut the rope that allows the treat to fall exactly in your monsters mouth. The game is fun, challenging and is attractive with the little monster and its candies.

Unblock me


This is a simple puzzle and all you require to do is make way for the red block. The objective of the game is very simple; move the blocks out of the red block’s path. You might think that it sounds simple, however with the increasing levels and when you get the hang of it, you will come across the tricky puzzle. You can compete with your friends and see who can unblock the path in the shortest period of time. Download Unblock me here.

Amazing Alex


A game based on physics, definitely keeps your mind cells working. This is an innovative puzzle which demands the player to use his imagination and apply the laws of physics. This is a truly amazing game and it gets better as you move ahead. Download Amazing Alex now!.

The Moron test


It is a light hearted game that tests your wit and wisdom. You can determine, if you are a Moron or not. All you have to do is just answer simple questions that test your wisdom. Go out and have some fun with your friends. The more you play, the better you get with answering the questions. You can download The Moron test game here.

The above are a few fun puzzle apps. Have some fun with your friends and find out the easiest steps to clear the puzzle. These games can be played by all age groups. So make sure that you are not left behind and install these apps. Planning to afford a smartphone but backing down due to inadequate finances? Then here is the answer, opt for short-term loans like bad debt loan which credits instant cash and does not require credit check.