Technology is increasing at an ever faster rate, and the technologies being developed for the home are no exception. There are loads of fascinating devices that homeowners can use to save themselves time and money. Here is a look at five technologies you can add to your home to make your life easier.

Home Security System

The home security systems of the 21st century do much more than simply sound burglar alarms. They also monitor your home for fires, make sure that the carbon monoxide levels do not rise, check for flooding and monitor your home with video surveillance. Installing a home security system will save you from being robbed and keep your family safe from disaster.

 Home Controls

You can now remotely control your home from anywhere in the world. You can install home control devices that allow you to control electronic devices all over your home with a remote control. This remote control ability can be used online to allow you to turn things on and off from the other side of the globe.

Key-less Entry

Key-less entry devices are no longer just for businesses. Many homeowners are getting them installed as well. Homeowners will never have to worry about losing their keys again when they have a key-less entry device installed on their front doors. They can also be operated remotely over the Internet, which allows homeowners to unlock their homes for visitors even when they are not actually at home.


Although blenders may not seem like the most high tech gadget around, the 21st century blenders are a marvel. They can be used to create a lot of different products, but many homeowners are buying blenders to make smoothies. Fruit smoothies are an incredibly healthy treat, but they are very expensive to buy from a store or shop. If you want to get the health benefits of a smoothie without the high cost, then try the pleasures of making your own smoothies at home with a blender.

LED Light Bulbs

Although CFL light bulbs save money on energy costs, there are some environmental concerns about the mercury in them. There are no such worries with LED light bulbs, and LED light bulbs are the most efficient energy bulbs available on the market today. They also can produce many different colors of lights, which allow homeowners to use them to create different moods and fun light shows.