CMany people understand the power of a good customer testimonial. However, a lot of people have a hard time developing ways to get these testimonials.

When a friend or family member recommends a product, he or she is giving a strong customer testimonial, and such a recommendation rarely goes unnoticed. To bring in new customers, genuine testimonials are very effective. There are several creative ways to obtain genuine customer testimonials.


Email might not seem like a creative way to get testimonials, but when used effectively, it can garner plenty of new testimonials. Many bloggers have received several emails that express a reader’s gratitude for a particular piece of content.

It’s important to save these emails because they can be used as genuine testimonials. However, it’s crucial to ask readers for permission to use their testimonials. Unsolicited recommendations can really help boost a brand’s public image.


Each day, thousands of blog comments are posted to the Internet. A number of bloggers get even more blog comments than emails. When a reader leaves a comment expressing gratitude for a product or service, the comment can serve as a customer testimonial on a different page.

However, it’s always best to make sure that the reader doesn’t mind their comment being used. It’s easy to create a page for customer testimonials, and all positive comments can be moved to the page. This is how blog comments can be used obtain genuine customer testimonials.

External Reviews

There are many review sites on the Internet, and these websites are used to review different businesses and services. When it comes to gathering genuine customer testimonials, these review websites can provide many unexpected treasures.

For example, many people use Yelp to leave a review for a business. This review is an authentic testimonial, and it can be used elsewhere on the Internet. Scanning the various business review websites is a creative way to get testimonials.


Another creative way to get customer testimonials is Google alerts. Companies should always monitor what customers are posting to the Internet.

Companies can use Google alerts to receive automatic notifications when something about them is posted online. It’s a service that is easy to start using, and it can provide access to testimonials that would’ve gone unnoticed.

Local Directories

Although OpenTell powered by Mindshare Technologies is an effective way to receive customer reviews there are local search directories. In which to acquire testimonials. These are places like Yelp, Yahoo Local, Google Places and CitySearch.

The members of these various networks can post genuine reviews about businesses. Positive reviews from these websites can be used. These are five creative ways that can be used to find authentic customer testimonials from many areas of the Internet.