Designing a logo should be one of your first tasks when launching a business. It’s the one image that people will associate with your company, whether they realize it or not. However, you have to come up with new ideas to get it out into the community so that others can see it and associate it with your unique product or service. Here are five creative ways to do this.


These are promotional gifts you can give away after having your logo affixed to them. The catch is that you should provide things that people will keep and use, rather than toss out. T-shirts, baseball caps, mugs, and pens are popular items. Tote bags are especially useful because people can use them when they go out shopping, and others will see your logo as well.

Local Events

Sponsor a local event, such as a parade, festival, or local sports league. Your level of financial support is determined by your budget. You might show a single banner or a distinctive float in the next parade. You could even pay for a new scoreboard at the ball field on condition it features your logo. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce to get a list of upcoming events or non-profits looking for sponsors.

Car Wraps

A great way to ensure your logo gets seen around town is to get a company car at a dealership like Young Automotive Group and have it printed onto car wraps. Car wrap materials go on and off easily without damaging paint. Your own fleet of vehicles, your employees, and especially service or sales teams are good possibilities. Everywhere they go, every day, people will be looking at your logo.


One good idea is to print up your own pamphlets or flyers to be given away for free. Include useful information related to your industry, products, or services, such as technology, how-to articles, trivia, puzzles, and any other engaging material. Place stacks of them where people congregate. Just be sure your logo is on the cover.

Take Up a Cause

What are the hot topics in your community? Environmental issues? Providing for the homeless? Find a popular charity and partner with them. See that they feature your logo on their premises and their own literature. By associating yourself with a good cause that people feel strongly about, you’ll generate more social approval and support.

Don’t stop thinking about creative places to display your logo. You don’t want these ideas to reflect badly on your company. Greater visibility doesn’t have to mean more or bigger signage; it just means having greater impact.