Businesses have always been a target for thieves, vandals, and disgruntled employees. Today, loss of productivity, loss of data, and workplace violence are blows to the company brand much more damaging than physical loss. But modern companies have more options for protecting themselves and their employees. Here are some simple ways to beef up company security.

1. Outside Security

Visible security personnel may be the best way to protect your premises. You can contract with a local security company for services that best fit your needs and budget, whether it’s regular drive-throughs or a guard at the gate. Most will provide signage stating that your property is protected. Just knowing that your premises are monitored can be a deterrent to most criminals.

2. Electronic Locks

Traditional tumbler locks can be picked, or the keys easily copied. They should be phased out from all entry points. Replace them with electronic locks. You have several options, such as numeric keypads, magnetic card readers, and biometric locks that can only be opened by programmed physical features such as fingerprints. Codes can be easily changed and employees added or removed from the system as needed.

3. Adequate Fencing

Strong security fencing should be put up around the property so that any visitors are directed to the front entrance and can’t reach other points. If possible, employee parking lots, loading docks, outside storage, and other vulnerable areas should also be fenced off and access secured by locking gates. In busy companies, controlling the flow of traffic can be important to maintaining security. Contact a commercial fencing company for an inspection on the security of your property.

4. Lighting and Cameras

Be sure that the perimeter of your property and all building entry points, including windows and gates, are brightly lit at night. Motion-activated lights can help scare off intruders. Put cameras in place to cover all doors and gates, and provide overlapping fields of view across the grounds. Clear shrubs and other growth well back from the building so there are no shadows or hiding spots for trespassers. Parking lots should also be well-lit after dark.

5. Employee Awareness

About 2 million incidents of workplace violence occur in the U.S. each year. Take the time to provide security training to employees. This should include measures like restricting admittance to security checkpoints and directing visitors to log in at the front desk. Encourage workers to be vigilant and to report any threats, suspicious behavior, or unauthorized visitors at once.

Investing a little time, money, and especially planning will pay off for your business. Good security practices will keep both you and your employees feeling more confident and comfortable.