The massive change in the Google algorithm in recent times has made website SEO necessary more than ever. Not only because it helps increasing the visibility of your website, but also because it is crucial for growing your business. Quite obviously, webmasters tend to implement all possible strategies that could keep websites ranking better in the SERPs. In this blog we will talk about 5 best Google products that will help you get your business thrive better in the virtual world.

Google My Business

Google My Business is among the high potential Google product that helps to increase the visibility of your business. Thus, it opens up the possibility of getting more customers. With this feature you can directly get connected with your targeted customers. By using this feature, you can present yourself in the Google Search, Maps and Google+, thus getting your business.


Post exciting videos about your products and services in the YouTube and that too for free of cost. Audio visuals always have a compelling effect on the viewers. This way it will be easier to attract attention of the audience in the quickest manner possible. Moreover, videos often carry a lasting effect, which influence the business.


Blogger is a free product from Google, where you can easily set up your business blog. All you need for this is to sign up and create a profile. And you are good to go with a business blog. Start one and soon you will find an increasing audience. Blogging for your business increases interactivity and thus opens up avenues for your business.

Google Keywords Planner

With it you will be able to find the top keywords that will increase your searches in the web. Moreover, you can check out the number of local and global searches of any particular keyword and accordingly plan to use it for your product, services and in the website. This tool helps in Pay per Click advertising, SEO and other search marketing campaigns.

Google Webmaster

Get a free access to data, tools and diagnostics that helps building a Google (yet user) – friendly site.

So start using the potential of Google and optimize your site today for better results.