Modern technology is making things easier for everyone, especially small business owners. There are now many gadgets and gizmos available out there that can help improve your business relations with customers and connect co-workers for better productivity. Business gadgets make you think smarter, reduce costs, increase your productivity, and help you make faster and better decisions. Try out any of these five specially selected for your pleasure.

Square Mobile Payment

Customers don’t have all the time in the world to wait, reason why you need to get a payment system that is fast, efficient, and portable. Meet Square, the tiny little POS device that allows you to accept credit card payment with your mobile phone. Square also comes with a highly intuitive software that lets you manage inventory, monitor customer activities, manage employees, send invoice and gift cards, and apply for loan.

Primera Trio All-In-One Printer

Talk about printing on the go. Primera Trio is the ideal gadget for any small business that requires a printer that is fast, efficient, and powerful. At about 1.18kg the printer fits into your bag and can be carried along, making it suitable for insurance agents, travelers, doTERRA oils sellers, contractors, or people who work in offices with small space. The device can scan, print, and copy, and you can print in both black and white and color.

Flapit Counter

Social media is influencing commerce than ever before. When people come to your business, they have no idea how popular you are on social media, and you’re not sure if they will like your page, as they promised. Flapit Counter is a social media counter for brick and mortar stores. It displays social media likes in real time and makes it easy for customers to interact with your business. It can be programmed to work with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, etc., and can also display star ratings.


As a small business owner data protection is essential for business continuity. IoSafe Nas Raid is a gadget that protects your data in the event of flood or fire. The gadget stores up to 15 TB, and really, no destructive forces of man or nature can penetrate.

BlueLounge Cable Cabin

Cables can be a real mess in the office. BlueLounge Cable Cabin is a gizmo that helps to keep your office clean from the pains of loose wires. It can also prevent accidents, and your cables will last long.

Cool gadgets make your business more attractive and enjoyable. Try any of these in your business place and see how they add to your productivity and profitability in no small measures.