WordPress is one of the most powerful ways to blog and be paid for it, and that makes the security of your blog a priceless treasure. If someone messes with your blog, you can lose a fortune and all the credibility you’ve worked so hard to accumulate over all the time you’ve been a site owner. There is also the looming possibility that your website may crash due to a hardware or software problem you couldn’t anticipate.

Security takes on a lot of forms. The following are some great security plugins that will make WordPress way more solid, so you can focus on blogging and other forms of self-promotion instead of being paranoid.

BulletProof Security

There are all kinds of hackers out there who would love to take your blog, your website and your very online identity. With BulletProof Security, your website will be strong against Base64, CSRF, SQL Booster and XSS hacker attacks. This is like encasing your site in a safe.

WordPress File Monitor Plus

Sometimes a hacker will find out your login information and stealthily sneak in to make subtle changes manually. While using software is faster, sometimes a personal touch is what a hacker likes best. With WordPress File Monitor, you’ll be emailed whenever any kind of change occurs. If you didn’t make the change, you’ll be able to alter your login data and reverse the change immediately for security purposes.

Login Lockdown

Hackers make mistakes, just like everyone else. Sometimes they don’t enter your login details correctly. So with Login Lockdown, if there are a certain number of failed login attempts within a short period of time from the same IP address, that address will be locked out for a period you can set. This helps guard your site against brute force password discovery, where the hacker uses a program to keep trying different passwords over and over again.


Spam is a serious problem, and few things block spam as well as reCAPCHA. Combining it with WordPress, allowing notes, registration and email protection will greatly beef up your site’s security. Everything you send out should be from you and intentional — anything less will land you in spam hell.

WordPress EZ Backup

Sometimes websites fail. This is a fact of life, and it doesn’t necessarily have anything malicious behind it. However, your WordPress installation can take hundreds of hours to refine, and that’s precious time. Using WordPress EZ Backup, a single click will allow you to restore the entirety of your code, MySQL tables and all other settings if something goes wrong.

WordPress is one of the most powerful website-building platforms. But security is a vital component of building any kind of site. With these security features, you can protect your site from hackers and from accidental data losses.