As of late, technology referred to as “the cloud” has created serious buzz in the business world. While this technology has helped companies with file sharing, data organization and storage, and information security, there are many industries that have not yet tapped into the full potential of this technology. There are numerous industries that would benefit from using this technology to handle and access data more easily. Read ahead to learn about how these not-so-tech-savvy industries could benefit from implementing the cloud.


Manufacturing centers use huge databases of information to keep track of all of the necessary details. These databases allow the information to be organized and analyzed. In order for such a large amount of information to be stored in an affordable manner, a company can purchase space in a cloud to use the servers that host it. This removes the need for the manufacturing company to purchase servers of their own, which tends to be expensive.


Saving and sharing information is essential in the world of finance. Those who work in the financial industry are able to save information to a cloud, making it easier to access and share. Once there, it can be accessed through a PIN number or password from any other computer with Internet connection, regardless of location. Those who work in finance are able to access information across the world, which facilitates collaboration.


Hospitality uses a cloud to provide services to their clients and guests remotely. The amount of money that would be required to create a system that allowed customers to order from menus, settle their room bills, and snag a car rental internally would be very high. Outsourcing such functionality to a cloud will allow those costs to be minimized.


The healthcare industry is able to securely store sensitive patient information on a cloud, making sure that they are within HIPAA guidelines. Clinics can use cloud dental software to help with scheduling, which will allow them to expand their patient base and remain organized. They can also use a cloud to share information about best practices and techniques from facility to facility, ensuring that hospitals and other facilities function as well as possible.

Security Firms

The cloud offers an increased level of security. As a result, security firms will store sensitive information about customers and systems in a cloud, ensuring that the data will remain secure. This saves security firms a great deal of money because they no longer have to set up their own servers to access this level of security.

Clouds serve a number of purposes, from sharing information, organizing data, and providing a secure space for that data to be stored. It can help many different industries save a great deal of money and meet necessary security standards. Like all technologies, the cloud technology has its own downfalls, however, many industries outside of the business world could seriously benefit from using the amenities it offers.