Google has lunched algorithm to improve search engine results quality so that user can get better and desired results.

Mobile Update “Mobilegeddon” (April 21, 2015)Google rolled out mobile-friendly update to boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. So searchers can more easily find high-quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.

Google Pigeon Update(July 24, 2014) – The “Pigeon Update” is a new algorithm to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local internet search results that are tied more closely to traditional web search signals. Google mentioned that this new algorithm improves their distance and ranking parameters. The Algorithm rascally designed for improve the local search quality.

Google Hummingbird Update (September 2013 ) – “Hummingbird” is the particular new search platform that Google is using as of September 2013, the name arises from being “precise and fast” and is designed to better concentrate on the meaning behind the language. Hummingbird is paying more awareness of each word within a query so that user can get what they are searching for.

Google Penguin (April 2012) – Google launched the Penguin Update in April 2012 to improve catch sites deemed to be spamming its serp’s, in particular those this when you purchase links or obtaining them through link networks designed primarily to further improve Google rankings. The update launched to stop the web spam and link manipulating.

Google’s Panda (February 2011) – Panda update is a search filter introduced in February 2011 intended to stop sites with poor quality content from working their distance to Google’s top search engine results. Panda is updated from time-to-time. At these times, sites previously hit may escape, should they have made the correct changes. Panda may also catch websites that escaped before.

The update hits million of website which was with low quality content.