WordPress is the most popular stand-alone blog platform. There are many seo plugins for WordPress, it is therefore understandable if you find it hard to determine which plugins are best for you. Plugins are used to improve the functionality of a blog for instance, duplicate content proofing and search engine optimization. If you own a website then your goal is to drive people to the site.

WordPress is an amazing website design and platform management platform because it allows people with no HTML experience to easily and quickly create great looking websites. Here are 5 most popular & awesome WordPress SEO plugins. You can use them to take your website to the top pages of Google‘s ranking.

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack - seo plugins for wordpress

This is a tool that helps in the management of various SEO procedures which would otherwise have been done manually e.g. static HTML sites. It offers several features that can help you optimize your posts, optimize your homepage and learn to handle keywords density. When it comes to verification of your site, all in one SEO pack allows you to verify without having to manually add anything anywhere. The plugin does not require you to do a lot of work, it does most things automatically.

This plug in can help you raise your online website presence, prevent duplication of your content, automatic Meta tag generation and takes complete care of tasks among other functions.

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Yoast SEO Plugin

yost - seo plugins for wordpress

This is considered one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress and currently bears a rating of 4.7 stars. It has impressive features such as Meta and link elements, XML sitemap, keyword optimizer and SEO for the post images. It can used to optimize your posts and to make sure you are ranking well for specific keywords. When you write a new post a box appears below it where you can see how your post will appear in search engines. In the process you can add a focus keyword, Meta description and SEO tittle. The Page Analysis can give you more insight onto what you should do.

Yoast also supports social integration features such as Facebook Open Graph which can help you optimize your WordPress blog better. WP SEO by Yoast enables you to edit robot.txt file and htaccess file.

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SEO Friendly Image

SEO Friendly image - seo plugins for wordpress

This is a WordPress SEO plugin which can be used to automatically update all images with proper TITLE and ALT attribute for SEO purposes. It is a tool that can be used to optimize your images. Images that are not well optimized can create major problems for a site. If your images do not have TITLE and ALT already set, SEO friendly image will help you set then according to your specifications.

The ALT attribute describes your images to search engines so that when a person searches for a certain image, there is a match to your site. The TITTLE attribute is important as it sets text that will appear on the tooltip when the mouse pointer hovers over the image. Search engines rely on the titles and tags on the image to rank it. With this tool all the work has already been done for you and there is no need to code any tags.

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Google XML Sitemaps

google sitemap generator - seo plugins for wordpress

Google XML sitemaps is a very powerful plugin that can help optimize your website. A sitemap is important for SEO as it enables a large number of pages to be effectively indexed by the search engines. Some of the key advantages of this automatic sitemap include the support for permalinks, page or category exclusion and generation of pages with navigation. These are important functions that traditional sitemaps did not possess

Google XML sitemaps has significant impact on indexing your site’s inner pages. It uses highly developed sitemaps and then makes search engines aware of them. These are then integrated with customized post formats and original taxonomies.

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SEO Plugin by Squirrly

Squirrly SEO Plugin for wordpress

If you find SEO a bit hard to grasp then Squirrly is a good guide for new users. This plug in mostly geared towards optimizing your posts so as to help you rank highly in searches. There are basic changes which you can make from the plugin page such as change your website icon or setup Google Authorship. Squirrly, the one of  seo plugins for wordpress, LIVE Assistant is also helpful since it helps you know if something need to be worked on. Also you can easily quote or add content from other websites such as Twitter.

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