When it comes to promoting a product or service online, web traffic is what it’s all about. There are literally hundreds of millions of web pages out there. How can you be sure that your potential customers ever end up on your site? The short answer: it’s not easy, but it is possible. There are whole industries, such as SEO (search engine optimization) built around boosting and manipulating web traffic. While it takes time and dedication, great content along with a few key strategies can make building your business or organization via web traffic a profitable and rewarding undertaking. Development companies incorporate effective, leading-edge web marketing techniques into all of their software projects. Here are five things that you can do to target more web traffic.

Build Top Quality Cornerstone Landing Pages

Thanks to recent search engine changes, it’s become increasingly difficult to “trickGoogle and the other top search sites into giving your content a high ranking. The secret to jumping up in the search results for your keywords is really no secret: take the time to write genuinely high quality, relevant content. Cornerstone pages form the backbone of your online presence. These are the pages that feature your best, most useful info and that your other pages all link to. The more pages that link to these, both on and off your company sites, the better.

Update Frequently

When it comes to bringing in high quality, targeted web traffic, there’s no point in resting on your laurels. Even the best content will quickly start to lose its effectiveness if it isn’t updated regularly. Recent search engine algorithm changes strongly to favor newer web pages over older ones. The idea is that information is more likely to be relevant the fresher it is. Be sure to keep generating new content as often as possible.

Back Links

Search engines reward pages that have a lot of buzz. Just like offline marketing, there’s no substitute for world of mouth. The more people you can get talking about your product, service, or company, and linking back to it, the better.

Social Media

The rise of social networks, such Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, has been a boon for generating web traffic. Developers at places like Solution Stream understand that every Facebook like or Twitter hashtag has the potential to boost targeted web traffic. Use these sites to your advantage or hire a company to make your pages stand out among the rest.

Paid Advertising

Don’t overlook the power of paid ads for bringing in customers. Google, Bing, Facebook, and countless others offer targeted, surprisingly affordable advertising and the opportunity to zero in on niche markets. The tried and true methods that stick around tend to be effective, so don’t count them out.

Using all these techniques for your online company will help to increase traffic to your site and gain you more clients and customers. Use common sense and good judgment to create a good plan for your company and boost your company into good standing.