Everyone can be a follower, but not everyone can be a leader.  Some people are born leaders, but others are taught the skill. This article will highlight five qualities that all top-tier leaders have in common.


The best leaders within any field or discipline are consistent in behavior and expectations. They are also consistent in the sense that what they expect from their team and subordinates is– at the very least– what they expect from themselves.

They are planners, and come to the table with a clear plan and goal they follow through on. They don’t point fingers at others, and have no trouble staying motivated daily.


The best leaders not only understand and accept themselves, but they understand and accept their followers, both good and bad qualities. They don’t try to change people into what they aren’t; rather, they embrace each individual for how they are unique and can contribute.

Having more realistic expectations allows top-tier leaders to achieve success by their own metrics. Ultimately, this helps form a positive and productive work environment, helping prevent disappointment and hurt feelings.

Problem Solving

Top-tier leaders do not back down from any problem, because they have the confidence that they can solve anything that comes their way. Being able to solve problems as they arise is a sign of adaptability and efficiency. These kind of people do not necessarily think that any problem is easy to solve, but rather they know that with sufficient time and effort, any problem can be solved.

Additionally, strong leaders are not afraid of asking for help if they cannot solve a problem on their own. They understand that solving problems can be a collaborative process.  Learning how to collaborate will increase your ability to be a strong leader.

Innovation and Spontaneity

Great leaders are not afraid to buck the trend and approach things in a new, even unprecedented, fashion. They are aware that many leading discoveries and processes came out from mistake or experimentation, so they aren’t afraid to try something new. This may include using a coupon and promo code site to save money for their enterprise or organization, such as discountrue.com.

To expand on this, great leaders are not afraid to stop on a dime and pivot if something isn’t working. They are very adaptable and not afraid to look at what is working and not working within their organization.


Lastly, most truly outstanding leaders do not need to promote their own successes publicly.  There is so much pride in the world and humble leaders are few and far between. Their work speaks for itself, and others within their organization or sphere of influence look up to them in a positive light without prompting.

In other words, they are a leader without having to announce to others that they are a leader.