If you’re looking for reasons why you should get a console instead of a gaming PC, you won’t find it here. Gamers are generally divided between console and desktop gaming, and there’s a lot of meat to the argument as to why the latter is better. In terms of gaming, the desktop is hailed supreme in terms of power, capability, and reliability.

Console devices are pretty great on their own because you don’t have to build anything. You don’t have to worry about anything else other than just plugging it, putting the CD in or selecting it from the menu, and playing. But that’s just what they’re good for, gaming, and they can’t do anything else other than for watching DVDs. But who watches movies on console devices nowadays, anyway?

If you need more convincing, the list below should do it. Here are reasons why you should get and invest in a gaming PC:

Better Value

Simply put, if you invest in a gaming PC, you get the dollar that you put into it. Even though consoles are, by far, cheaper than a gaming rig, if you know your way around parts and have the knowledge to build one yourself, you can save a lot of money. If you want to have the best and fastest you can have it, but you can also get a budget one with the option of upgrading it later.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Gaming PC 1

Since the PC industry is constantly churning with the latest technology, prices tend to come down fast and hard especially on relatively new components. This is especially true for graphics cards, which are sold at premium prices when they first come out but then have their prices slashed to a fraction in the next few years or even months.

For the amount you spent on a discounted component, you get your money’s worth, and you can play with your computer in the highest resolution it can achieve without any problems.

Option to Upgrade

This was briefly mentioned above, but you have a pretty good choice of upgrading your computer when you want to. This is a feat you cannot achieve in consoles and other gaming devices that come prepackaged.

Consoles don’t last for more than a few years especially if there are new versions of it coming out later. You don’t also open one of them to replace outdated parts.

You can do that with your PC and fire it up once again after you’re done installing new upgraded parts. If you have an easy PC builder and intimately know components, parts, and what works with your existing rig, this is easy for you. If not, you can always consult your local hardware experts and visit online forums for an opinion.

PC Peripherals Are Better

Admit it, you play better with a keyboard and mouse in your hands. They offer better precision than a controller. You are much faster at aiming or pinpointing a target with a mouse especially if you are playing an FPS (first-person shooter) game.

Additionally, you can install or customize your own keybinds or hotkeys on your keyboard making a complicated command much more instantaneous with a single click. Not that controllers are difficult to connect to the main gaming device, but the same could be said for the keyboard and mouse.

Higher Game Library Capability

Consoles come with limited memory space and that means you’ll run out of it eventually. That issue can easily be remedied on the PC by buying a bigger hard drive or SSD, and you get to keep all your games without sacrificing anything. You can also make multiple copies for backup when something happens.

Portability Not an Issue

If you want something you can carry around and powerful enough for gaming and other tasks, then get a gaming laptop. It’s basically a rig you can carry with you anywhere. However, the issues of the console with regard to upgrading apply to it too.

Additionally, PC is also big on backward compatibility in the way that you can play a game from 20 years ago without any problems or many adjustments on your settings or hardware.

Lastly, Esports Is Big on PC

Most esports games are played on PC, and the reasons why it is so are answered by the things mentioned above. It has the ability to play many games, and console exclusives eventually get ported to this platform. If you are an aspiring pro, you should definitely invest in a gaming rig because it is one way you can practice and hone your skills to get noticed by established teams from your chosen game.

What other reasons do you think should people invest in a gaming PC? Share your answers below

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