There are numerous anniversaries in our everyday lives, and we are unaware of most of them. Among those meaningful, most cherished ones are usually associated with our loved ones. Regardless of how long you have been with your significant other, there are solid chances that you still remember the time and place of your first date. Therefore, the first-anniversary date should be something special, and it should set itself apart from the routine. Now, after a year together, two people should have already tried all of the usual date options, so why not spice things up and bring your S.O. somewhere unexpected? There are numerous creative ways to express the joy of being together for a year that will hopefully bring the loved ones even closer.


First of all, let us explain the key expression. Staycation, or holistay, is the name for the time period during which one or many people stay home and participate in holiday activities within a driving range of their home. Sometimes it can also mean a holiday spend in the home country. The best thing about this kind of holiday is that it doesn’t require funds and organization of usual vacation. If you want to take your loved one somewhere new, you can research all nearby bed-and-board objects that are easily accessible. It will be easier to choose if you set criteria about what your restaurant of choice should contain, be it a swimming pool, room service or anything else. Depending on your budget, you can book one night or more. Just don’t forget to bring some romance enhancements, like champaign, chocolate or handcuffs sweets.


Sometimes. The best way to celebrate the anniversary is to go back in time to where your relationship began. Revisiting the place you’ve met for the first time is going to invigorate the significant amount of nostalgia and revive some dear memories for sure. Maybe reenacting your first date will make you feel falling in love all over again and bring back the enthusiasm you’ve had at the beginning of your relationship. But, what if you can’t visit the exact place you’ve met for the first time? In a year a lot of things can happen. Maybe you moved far away from your hometown, or the restaurant closed down. There are many obstacles to a perfect recreation of your first date. Fortunately, you can still bring back the spirit of your initial meeting. If your first date was at the theme park, you can visit a local one and enjoy the thrill rides. Or if you went to a movie, you can check the program in your town’s cinema pick the right title to enjoy. Just no horrors, please.

Road Trip

If both you and your significant other have an adventurous spirit and like to visit previously unknown destinations, then the perfect first-anniversary script for you would be a road trip together. Every road trip begins with choosing the destination. That might be a specific attraction within a driving range that you got to know about recently or just a random nearby town you’ve never been before. Once your destination is picked, all you have to do is to assemble a road trip playlist, make sure all your devices are fully charged and hit the road. Sharing the experience of a road trip and visiting a new place together should strengthen the bonds between you two. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to create a lot of new memories together.


It’s not a surprise picnic is one of the most popular date ideas. There is an undeniable romantic charm in having some time off in nature while enjoying a meal without any interruptions (and chairs too). By default, picnics take place outside, so if your anniversary date happens to be in the sunny months, just pack your picnic basket with some appropriate snacks & bites and anniversary gifts, and head to the popular picnic destination. That might be a park, seaside or even some sequestered forest area. However, if you’ve met each other during the autumn and winter, you can organize an indoor picnic. It’s exactly the same as the outdoor one, with one crucial difference: instead of a beach or a park, you spread your picnic blanket in your living room. The main advance of the indoor picnic is that you can enjoy your drink without having to worry about how you will get home.

Skill Up

Another excellent way to strengthen your bonds is to learn to do something new together. The first anniversary is a great opportunity to add another item to your skillset. First of all, you should find a common interest, be it cooking, cocktails, martial arts, handcrafts or anything else really. However, the most fitting for a romantic occasion such as an anniversary would be a cooking or mixology class. Finding out how to make your favorite dish is certainly something you make good use of, as well as your skill in cocktail-making. Your future selves will be grateful for your decision to spend your anniversary learning new useful skills.


The first anniversary should be a really special occasion,  and it simply doesn’t take half measured dates. In order to make your significant other enjoy and appreciate a year you’ve spent together, you have to prepare something exceptional for your big day. Try to evade conventional date ideas and bring your loved one somewhere new, so both of you will experience new things, learn something and grow closer together. The ultimate way of celebrating your time together should include some distinctive features that will remind you why you’ve got together in the first place. The good indicator of a successful date is that you don’t have many, or any, photos because you’ve been too enthralled by the scene you forgot to take any pictures. What else to say in the end except that having a good first anniversary is a good sign that you’ll have many, many more anniversary dates in years to come.