Manufacturing is an unpredictable industry where accidents are just around the corner. Manufacturing accidents account for thousands of serious injuries every year. Good manufacturers find ways to prevent accidents before they occur. Below are 5 reasons that manufacturing companies should be concerned about safety.

1. Lack of Equipment Maintenance

Manufacturing is an industry that thrives on the use of machines. If your workers use the same machines every day for years, expect the machines to break down at any minute. Set up a maintenance schedule to clean the machines and have a mechanic check for damages. Maintenance is better than having the machines break down suddenly and leave your company repairing damages for weeks or even months.

2. Poorly Ventilated Areas

Many manufacturers work on machines that release toxins into the air. Without ventilation, the particles get trapped and circulate around the building. For instance, carbon monoxide is an undetectable gas that if released, causes serious illness and death.

Manufacturers worried about toxic gas should invest in large doors and windows. It is also important to clean the machines and parts of the building regularly. Sometimes, the walls, floors and ceilings need cleaning to be cleared of particles. Make sure rooms that produce large amounts of heat use equipment made for fume extraction, such as that found at Trans Vent Spiral Tubing. Welders need ventilation systems to release smoke and prevent the formation of fires.

3. Lack of Safety Training

Common sense is the first line of defense against manufacturing dangers; however, employers cannot expect common sense to kick in for all employees. Train your employees to use equipment properly from the moment they step onto the work floor. Teaching them to repair machines is important, but showing them how to handle common safety emergencies is more important.

4. Mishandling of Chemicals

Even if you handle the machines properly, you could handle the chemicals improperly and cause a major accident. Label your chemicals and teach employees how to handle the containers, use protective clothing and place containers in the right places.

5. Lack of Communication

Miscommunication is another reason why manufacturing accidents happen so often. Above the loud noises of machines, it is easy to mishear instructions. Hold regular meetings with your staff and open the lines of communication.

Manufacturers make the products that everyone uses. They have to know what they are doing and know all about safety. Take the steps that you must take to put your workers’ safety first, and your business’s reputation, employees, and finances will remain safe and sound.