A jungle safari is an enjoyable, adventurous, and exciting vacation experience. However, all safari tours come with some danger, and therefore, a fair amount of planning and precautionary measures are essential. A few animals you encounter may be dangerous, for example, tigers, leopards, or striped hyenas found in Tadoba, Maharashtra. Most of the jungle guides and safari operators will emphasize on some basic precautions that you must follow when taking a tour of the jungles. Besides the itinerary, mosquito repellants, medicines, first aid box, vaccinations, you should know how to behave on a safari. To make your job easier, here are five essential tips for you to follow when going on a safari tour:

Avoid Standing Up or Sticking Out Things from Your Jeep

Since most safari jeeps come with an open top, you should be careful while touring the forest area. Do not stand up to wave at the wild animals, as they may feel annoyed, threatened, or petrified. It may make them violent or aggressive. If you are traveling with a group, ensure nobody sticks out anything from the jeep. Poaching is widespread in many forest areas and anything that resembles a rifle or gun may trigger a very aggressive response from tigers, leopards, and elephants.

Maneuver Your Vehicle Slowly

You start your jungle trip from one of the Tadoba hotels in your jeep. You are all excited to spot wildlife, feeling high-spirited and adventurous. However, that does not mean that you will drive your car or jeep recklessly through the jungle. When it rains, the grass may grow tall and you may not see a deer or nilgai standing on the middle of the forest road. Always drive slowly in the forest and stop your jeep if you notice an animal stepping into the jungle path. Vehicles or jeeps hardly impress a deer, buffalo, or nilgai. Therefore, stop for a while until they vacate the road ahead.

Do Not Swim in Lakes or Rivers

You may like to take a dip in a river or lake that you notice while touring the jungles. However, we recommend that you refrain from such activities when on a safari tour. Rivers and lakes have crocodiles. Crocodiles are dangerous and they stay close to the riverbanks. If these animals sense danger or feel threatened, they may attack intruders before returning to the water for safety.

Pull the Car Windows Up

In case you travel in a car, make sure you keep the windows closed. Monkeys or jungle cats may harass you during your drive through the forest. These animals see tourists and cars frequently and therefore may scratch your skin, leaving you injured.

Talk Slowly and Avoid Sudden Movements

Avoid talking loudly or continuously during safari tours. It will disturb others in the group or distract the guide. Stay inside your vehicle. Do not jump out of the jeep if you want to stop the vehicle for nature’s call.


Now that you know about some of the jungle etiquettes, pack your bags and head for the forest. Observe these safety measures to make your safari safe and enjoyable.