Planning a business event is one of those demanding processes that require a lot of attention and energy from both employers and employees. However, due to numerous options available on the web, organizing such an event nowadays is much easier than before. For instance, you can contact your invitees directly, sending them e-invitations. But if you want your business to look serious and trustworthy, launching a special website for the purpose of the event organization is a perfect move.

The power of highlighting

Since your event website will not be your primary online place, it needs to display only the essential information about the event. For instance, you can divide the homepage into two or three oversized cards. Those parts should lead to the pages containing information about the schedule, the speakers and the additional information that the invitees might be interested in (location, links to hotels etc.). By highlighting the vital parts of this special-purpose website, you will provide your guests with a sufficient amount of the information necessary for fast registration and smooth orientation.
In addition, make your official company colors dominate this website, too. They should increase the impact your brand makes on your business partners.

Concise content

In the (high)light of the previous paragraph, you want the visitors of your event website to spend as little time as possible on it, to save their precious time. This is why the typography on that website has to consist of a clearly organized structure of titles and subheadings. Moreover, the content through which the event is presented needs to be as concise as possible. If you’ve never organized such an event before, look for some copywriting assistance, since those copies require special expertise.

Regardless of the event, you should also make an effort to improve your business writing skills, so as to become able to do that share of work on your own, instead of wasting money on paying others to do it.

Smooth signup

The homepage of your event website should also contain an easily visible signup button. Here you can choose one of two possible options. The first one is to invite your guests via email, where they will reply directly whether or not they will attend the event.

The other one is using email only to inform them on the forthcoming business conference and instructing them to sign up on the event website. Of course, the link to the website should be included in that email message. The latter option will definitely add to better organization of the event.

Payment additions

Different companies organize different events, which is why it’s also useful to learn more about various website payment options. For instance, if you don’t want to waste a fortune on this additional website, you can use one of the numerous WordPress options. Such a website will look decent, function well and serve its purpose.

Moreover, if you want to give your special business event a special charity purpose, you could ask your invitees to buy tickets for it. Of course, the price of the ticket should not be too high. All the money collected that way could then be given to a charity fund or a similar organization. Therefore, you should add a WordPress event ticketing plugin to your website, to make the whole paying operation safe and easy.

Redirecting from the original website

An established online business is usually best known for their website. Now that you’ve launched another, temporary website for the sake of successful event organization, your basic website should redirect your target audience to that new one.

Except from the original website, the same feature should be added to your social media pages and blogs. In the period before the event, every single online thing you own should lead to your event website. It will contribute to the overall success of the event, as well as increase the awareness of your brand on the web.

You should go for a special website whenever you are organizing a business conference or a similar occasion. That way the information regarding the event can be accessed and spread much faster, resulting in large attendance and an improved business reputation.