In the initial phase let’s learn about what is thyroid deficiency??? Thyroid is a dysfunction where thyroid gland in the body starts expanding and it forms nodules. It is caused mainly due to lack of iodine in the body. One in ten Indians does face thyroid dysfunction. Research shows that most of the females are affected by this disorder.

Symptoms of thyroid are fatigue and weight gain.

So what can you do to fight thyroid being a thyroid patient. Here are some ways to fight thyroid deficiency.

1 – Do Yoga/ Exercise regularly.

Yoga teachers say that yoga can stimulate and support the endocrine system. Sarvang Asana (shoulder stand) is most beneficial to stimulate thyroid gland. Yoga decreases stress level which helps in stimulation if thyroid gland too. A study proved that moderate intensity exercise and high intensity exercise can increase the level of circulating thyroid hormones in your body.

2 – Eat food that’s healthy for your thyroid

Choose food which gives nutrition to your thyroid. The production of thyroid hormones requires iodine. You can get iodine supplements from sea food, salt, cod liver oil etc. You can also have food rich with vitamin A & D either you can have green leafy vegetables. A good nutrition is necessary so that your thyroid gland secretes hormones and you are living a healthy life.

3 – Avoid radiation devices. (Especially cell phones)

We all already know about the connection of brain tumors and cell phones. The radiation caused by a cell phone that is kept near to your ear can even affect your thyroid dysfunction more. Your ear is really close to your thyroid gland. It may damage your thyroid gland. So better is to try avoiding cell phones or buy a good head set so damage is minimal. Not only cell phones radiation even radiations of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Microwave can disturb your thyroid. So prevent these major issues.

4 – Stop eating sugar

There are plenty of reasons to stop sugar eating sugar. One of them is your thyroid health. For adults, 6 teaspoons/25 grams per day is the maximum amount of sugar recommended by heart Association across the world. All those sugars which are naturally found in nature are far less detrimental to your thyroid health than the chemically processed sugar in sugar factories.

5 – Don’t stress your self

Don’t be much stressed and let it affect your thyroid health. To relieve stress you can do stress relieving activities like doing exercise as I mentioned before.

So these are few measures you can take if you are suffering from thyroid dysfunction.

Lastly remember a healthy body makes a healthy mind and a healthy heart   and will save you from premature ventricular contraction in the long run. So don’t be stressed, have a proper diet which has high iodine and vitamin A and D in it. Get going to follow these 4 strategies to promote healthy living.