Every company today needs to have an online presence to be successful. Consumers are turning to the web when looking for products, when looking for solutions to problems or when making purchasing decisions. Taking a business online requires a few important elements and a good strategy. Every business will need five things to put a company online successfully.

5. Optimized Website

The first thing a company needs is an optimized website. The website should be visually appealing and simple for visitors to use. This includes making certain that the website is functional and visible on many different devices under different resolutions. It also needs to be optimized on a technical and content level for search engines in order to improve rankings. The website should be intuitively structured. An optimized website is one of the most important things needed when placing a business on the web.

4. Content Management System (CMS)

Businesses need some type of content management system (CMS). A CMS is an application or interface that allows people without strong technical knowledge to make changes to the website or to add content. The CMS streamlines updates and corrections. Certain CMS applications also integrate with marketing programs making it possible to extract analytical data or manage marketing campaigns.

3.Domain Name and Email Addresses

Every company needs a branded domain name and multiple email addresses. The domain name should match the company and be easy to remember. Businesses also need multiple email addresses for marketing, customer service and even sales. The emails should be under the branded domain name. This is important because generic domains could have reputation problems online that will make sending emails to customers difficult.

2. Ecommerce Platform

Any business that will be selling products online needs an ecommerce platform. There are turnkey platforms that use portals attached to the main website. There are also standalone ecommerce platforms that must be installed on a server and configured in order to function. Standalone platforms require technical expertise inside the company. Many complete ecommerce platforms today include electronic payment processing options and security as part of the suite.

1. Online Marketing Strategy

Any business going on the web needs a strong and well-designed marketing strategy. This strategy can include options such as search engine optimization, email campaigns and affiliate marketing. The professionals at the Marketing Exchange specialize in developing and refining marketing plans for businesses moving online. A good online marketing strategy will drive traffic to the website, increase visibility and improve revenue.