There are many benefits to be gained from “going green”. This movement is a well-known one that has gained a lot of traction lately. Aside from being environmentally conscious, it provides economic benefits as well. Those are just some of the reasons that more and more companies are working toward this goal. The ever-rising number of consumers is getting more educated about this subject as time passes. Here are some tips on how to make your business an eco-friendlier one.

1. The lighting

One of the main tools for your business to operate properly can be used to significantly “greenify” your company. Instead of wasting potentially millions of kWh of electricity on incandescent lighting why not invest in LED or fluorescent lighting? They do cost more per unit than their older alternatives. Even so, it is a great investment that will pay dividends over time. LED lighting consumes but a fraction of power per unit of luminance (lumen) and last many times more. Multiply that with the enormous amount of lighting every business has. What you will get is a simple calculus for one of the most beneficial investments in green energy consumption.

2. Recycling

A must mention. The vast majority of consumables we use on a daily basis can be reused again. Do not throw away all that you mean to replace. All electronics can be recycled, and obsolete equipment can always find a buyer. Alternatively, all can be donated. This way in certain countries, it is possible to acquire tax reductions. Establish recycling goals in your company along with incentives to follow them.

3. Energy efficiency certifications

Initially, it may be counter-intuitive, but it may be expensive to make cheap purchases. Certain certifications that come along with a lot of equipment today is a worth-while investment. The most notable for us is the EnergyStar certification. Almost all equipment comes with some degree or rating. It is in our interest to pick the highest rated one. Computers and PC peripherals all have energy efficiency certifications so make sure to look for the sticker that says so.

4. Vampires in our midst

Continuing with our electronic equipment, did you know that almost all of it consumes electricity even when turned off? This phenomenon is called a “Vampire Load”, and is present in practically every device. As long as the device is plugged into power, it uses the “standby” load. It is a much smaller load, sure, but bring that to a scale of a large company. Now you have a considerably larger electricity bill, that could have been avoided. So how do we mitigate these costs? Look for any appliances that have an “off” (a standby) light indicator. Incorporate power strips with switches that allow for an easy physical detachment from the power grid.

5. Equipment and material longevity

Continuing our previous note on the longevity of LED lighting, it should be passed on to other office elements. Furniture, consumables, doors and windows, desks and chairs, infrastructure, these are the things that should also be pondered upon. The aforementioned office elements take up most of the world’s landfills and are full of non-recyclable materials. Start transitioning towards using more durable materials such as wood and metal, instead of various forms of plastic. These are completely recyclable, will last you longer and will save you money in case of a replacement. An increasing trend among companies is to implement lead, another eco-friendly element. Companies such as Midland Lead, HPPL group, Gravita and Mars Metal, to name a few, are often the go-to lead manufacturers for all eco-friendly alternatives to other materials.

Every business is unique by itself. There are many things we can do to make it more environmentally conscious. Most likely, we will never complete our list of to-dos’. It is more of a journey, not the destination type of deal. New technologies and methods are being invented all the time, and they raise the bar that much higher. And this is a good thing as it can provide our business with a lot of potentials to strive for. Even small changes will show our employees and customers as well that we run a responsible company that cares for more than just profit. With these tips, we have the knowledge to invest, and later reap the benefits of a green company lifestyle.$