Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statistics show that every year, about 4,800 American workers are killed on the job. Many of these happen in construction jobs, and at least 600 of these deaths could have been prevented by maintaining safe workplaces and practices for employees. With this statistic in mind, let’s look at five major ways that you can keep your employees safe while on the job.

1. Have a Safety Plan

Establishing a solid safety and wellness plan for your entire workplace is the most crucial step you can take in preventing work-related injuries. In fact, this type of program is the foundation for maintaining a safe and enjoyable workplace for all employees. Additionally, potential employees will be attracted to a safe and fostering environment, and current employees will likely feel more secure in their work when a program is in place that has their well-being in mind.

2. Educate Your Management and Staff

One of the best ways to prevent work-related injuries is to keep yourself, your management, and your employees educated on workplace safety. OSHA offers training through their Institute or through different colleges and universities. Keep your staff trained on how to reduce the risk of stress-related injuries, including coaching them on proper versus improper lifting techniques and other bodily mechanics required while on the job.

3. Provide and Maintain Proper Safety Equipment

Providing and maintaining proper safety equipment is a core essential in preventing workplace injuries at your company. Ensure your employees are wearing or using this gear properly by enforcing it during hirings, meetings, and by doing spontaneous safety checks during work shifts. Make sure that equipment is visible, well-labeled, and located in places that make sense and are easy for employees to access.

4. Keep It Neat

Ask a few workplace injury attorneys like Clifford Raihala SC, and they might tell you that many work-related injury cases could have been prevented by simply keeping the workplace tidy. A lack of good housekeeping can cause safety and health hazards. Make sure that all debris is kept off of the floor, that walking paths are obvious and well-marked for employees, and that there are stations provided for chemical or liquid spill clean-up.

5. Don’t Take Shortcuts

Another issue that injury attorneys commonly see in workplace injuries is that company leaders take shortcuts that compromise their employees’ health and well-being. Don’t be that employer. You might have to invest a little more money in keeping the workplace safe, but it is much better than getting wrapped up in an injury lawsuit. Encourage your employees to not take shortcuts either (such as trying to work too fast in order to get ahead), since their shortcuts can compromise their safety.

Just taking these five basic steps can keep the annual workplace injury and death statistics down. Be proactive and remain vigilante, and practice the safety methods that you preach to your employees.