Campus placements is one of the most crucial time in the life of a student, be it graduate or post graduate. Seizing an offer in a top-notch company is a milestone that every student wishes to achieve.  But considering the cut-throat competition that currently exists, getting placed with desired salary is not an easy task. You can nail it only if you have proficiency in your domain as well as great communication skills. This post is to guide you on what points should be kept in mind while preparing for Campus Placement interview. Here we go:

Appropriate Attire and punctuality

There is a saying that first impression is last impression and this really works during interview. Attire plays a pivotal role in the process of interview, thus get yourself dressed in formals instead of wearing flashy clothes. Also, arrive at the venue of your interview at least 10-15 minutes early so that you can get familiar with the place, calm your nerves, as well as depict that you are keenly interested in the job opportunity.


Possessing self-confidence is a must if you want to come through flying colors during job interview. During your campus placement interview, you need to be as confident as you can. However, keep in mind that overconfident can ruin everything. So be confident while giving answers and try to convince the interviewer with your answers that you posses the appropriate knowledge and have all the skills that are requisite to properly execute a job.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are not only about being good at written and verbal communication, but also takes into account that whether you can deliver your message in an effective way or not. So, show your skills by using the right words during interview, taking pause at the right time, understanding interview’s tone and intent, and last but not the least showing a positive body language.  One cannot master communication skills in one day; therefore, you are suggested to practice on it during college time with your friends and mates while working on group assignments and projects.

Practice some commonly asked questions

To crack your interview, it’s better to first interview yourself by asking some common questions like introduce yourself, Why you want to join our company, What are your goals, What salary package you want, etc. It is suggested that observe such questions so that while interview you can reply accurately and in best manner.

Be Inquisitive

While giving an interview, if you’re given with a chance to clear your doubts or queries from interviewer, then don’t miss the chance. Get ready with few questions beforehand like, what kind of role will be offered to you, key skill areas, what’s the most challenging part of the job offered to you, and then some. This would probably be the last chance for you to impress your interviewer and grab your dream job.

We wish you all the best. Give your best shot!