Weddings are such happy occasions and special when it comes to including family and friends on such a special day. This day will live forever captured by pictures and videos that will hang in the homes of all guests, family, and of course the groom and bride. As an adult it is pretty easy to dress yourself accordingly for a wedding, however, the difficult part comes in when you figure your children into the occasion.

Children at weddings, in general, is a sticky situation already since some people require that you leave your children at home for their wedding entirely. This is because it can be difficult to keep a child entertained during a wedding and no one wants a child to be the center of attention on their big day.

On the opposite side of those weddings that request you to leave your child home, there are those weddings that are perfectly okay with you bringing your children along to the wedding. Congratulations your friends are allowing you to bring your child now you have to figure out what to dress them in for the wedding.

Unlike adults when a child isn’t comfortable in something their wearing they either throw a tantrum or take their clothes off. Trust me you don’t want either of these things happening in the middle of a wedding it can be embarrassing to be “that parent.” If you are not sure what to wear to the wedding when it comes to your child, then don’t worry.

We have got you covered with a link to different options that you can choose from for your child. In addition to that link, we are going to give you 5 tips that should make getting your child ready for the wedding a lot easier than you may think it will be. Let’s jump into these tips.

1.Dress Them Comfortably

As I mentioned above children are not like adults in that they can tolerate being uncomfortable for long periods of time. When children wear clothes that are tight-fitting and uncomfortable it usually starts by them tugging at the article of clothing and then if they don’t find relief they go into a full-blown tantrum.

During a wedding, you want to avoid this so dress your child comfortably. That means no clothing that may be too tight, scratchy or itchy when they are wearing it. Instead, opt for clothing that gives them the ability to move around with ease and gives them a little extra wiggle room so that they are able to run around when it is time to play with the other little kids.

As far as shoes try to purchase shoes that have some give and aren’t so tight and constricting. Also, choose a shoe that is flat so it doesn’t cause issues with the way your child walks. By doing this purchasing clothes with some wiggle room you will be able to use the outfit on more than one occasion.


We say this meaning to choose an outfit that fits the season and setting of the wedding. For example, if the wedding is outside, in a barn, during the middle of July then a 4 pieces tuxedo is not the right outfit for your child to wear. Wouldn’t want your little prince or princess sweating while everyone else is nice and cool.

If your child is prone to spilling things and making messes when they eat you may want to opt for outfits that are darker in color. This will help to disguises any spills, smudges, or stains that they get on themselves until your able to get home and wash their clothes.

3. Show Some Personality

Let your child have some kind of input in what they are wearing to the wedding. Children love when they are able to put their own spin on the things that they get to do and wear to these special events and functions.

Now we aren’t saying go to the extreme and let them have a wild outfit on, but allowing them to choose the color of their bow tie, or letting them choose the color sparkles that are on their dress can make all the difference in the world for your little one.

Allowing children to make choices as they are young and growing up allows them to continue developing and helps build their confidence.

4.Think Layers

While children don’t want to be overwhelmingly warm they also don’t want to be left shivering in the tent next to a heat lamp trying to warm up. The best thing you can do for your child is to dress them in clothes in layers. This makes it easier to add or take off an article of clothing without sacrificing the entire outfit.

You can use this as a bargaining tool so as the event progresses they can take off say a jacket or stockings without causing the whole outfit to become discombobulated.


All little girls love to play dress-up so let them play dress-up while getting ready for the wedding. Give them multiple options for costume jewelry things like a string of pearls with matching earrings or a bracelet to wear. Another choice for her to have is the color of her shoes and adding bows in her hair if she chooses.

When it comes to little boys they will love getting to choose between wearing a bow tie or a regular tie. And then once they make that choice they will get to choose the color and style of the tie. Another thing that they can choose is whether they want to wear a snazzy vest and suit jacket or not.

We hope that the tips we have given you here will make it easier to choose an outfit that is suitable for a wedding and one that your child won’t mind wearing and playing in for a long period of time. Don’t forget to check out the link and enjoy the wedding as it is such a special occasion.