If you want to attract more traffic to your website, what will you do? Well, you might say that you need to add more content to your site and do some link building. Yes, that’s true. Those are some things that can help to increase your website traffic by improving your search engine ranking. But, there is a fundamental and basic thing that you need to do in order to attract more traffic to your website. It is to optimize your web design. Once you’re able to optimize your site design, you will be able to optimize your content more effectively. Here are 5 tips to turn your website design into traffic attractor:

Make It Fluid And Responsive

The age-old of rigid web design has gone, and now, it’s the time for fluid web design. What is fluid web design? It is a web design that will allow your users to scroll through the website smoothly. This type of design will increase your website’s appearance as well as performance.

Making your website design to be responsive is also important, since it will help you to reach your audience in whatever platform that they are using to access your website. Technically, your design will adapt the screen size of any device that they are using. It is important to make your design fluid and responsive because you’ll be able to reach more audience with it, and once you do it, you will be able to keep them enjoying their stay in your website.

Strong And Professional Branding

Take a look at your header as well. When people see your brand logo clearly, and if it is designed professionally, they will trust your website more. Remember that strong and professional branding will help your visitors to determine the quality of your website. The more credible and authoritative your website look, the more people will trust your website and come often.

Bold Titles That Invite Readers

If you are publishing regular articles in your website, how you design the title for your articles will affect how your readers will think about your content. If you put interesting font-style, and size it in the right way, the readers will have more motivation to click on it and read your content. So, it’s not merely about how you word each title of your article that matters. But, the way you make your title look on your website will also affect your visitors’ interest to read your content.

Quick Load Time And Fast Performance

You need to make your website to load quickly, without any delay. No matter how many graphics that you have in your website, you have to optimize all of them and make sure that even those with fairly slow connection can load your website quickly. This is important since it is a matter of whether people will stay on your website or not in the first visit.

Clean And Simple Look And Feel

Lastly, it is important for you to ensure that your web design will look clean and simple. A clean look will make your readers feel comfortable browsing your website, while a simple website design will prevent your readers from getting lost within your website. With simple navigation and by eliminating all the clutters in your design, you can make your readers to love your website and want to browse there for a long time.

So, if you want to turn your website design into traffic attractor, you just need to follow those tips.

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