Meditation by itself is a powerful experience. It cleanses and calms our bodies, minds, and souls. We can think more clearly and feel a deeper connection to the world. It can reduce blood pressure and lower heart rates. Sometimes, however, meditation alone can’t cut through all of life’s stresses and we need a boost. Essential oils can be extremely helpful in this regard. Depending on what’s chosen, essential oils can unlock a whole world of possibilities. Here are 5 Tips for Using Essential Oils Prior to Meditation.

Choosing the Oil

There are a variety of essential oils that can enhance your meditation practice. As you focus on improving your meditation you may find that adding oils to your routine help to increase the sense of calm that meditators seek. Though each meditation is personal and unique to the individual, identifying the mood enhancement attributes of oils can help to boost your meditation routine with custom oil blends.
Essential oils, like those found at doTerra oils, that promote relaxation include Clary Sage, Lavender, and Chamomile. Aromatherapy that promotes strength and grounding may include essential oils like Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedarwood, and Patchouli. Those seeking enhanced spiritual connection may prefer essential oils like Frankincense and Helichrysum.

Choosing the Method

Once you’ve determined the oils it’s time to consider their application. For some, a simple spray bottle can be used to dilute a few drops of oil in water. Use this spraying mist at the start of your meditation–a few spritzes is all you need. This method is also a portable way to bring your meditation practice wherever you go.

The other option is to use a diffuser. Many diffusers on the market today are simple devices that include a bowl for water (drops of essential oil are added to the bowl) and when engaged, the diffuser pumps the fragrance in a continuous plume of mist. This is a highly effective and hands off way to implement the benefits of essential oils to your meditation routine.

The Third Eye

Another method of getting the essential oils to work properly besides diffusing and spraying is by placing it directly on the body. Many meditation practitioners like to put a drop of oil in a very specific place of the body–the Third Eye.

Located at the center of the forehead between the eyes, the Third Eye is said to be the direct access point to the mind. Placing a dot of the essential oil in this location is said to unlock the full potential of the oils. Make sure to be careful with the oil and avoid contact with eyes when placing the oil here.

Preparing the Space

Have you ever sat down to meditate in a space that’s crowded or cluttered–it’s chaos. Your brain doesn’t have the opportunity to calm and diving into your practice will prove to be difficult.

A clean, organized space, size doesn’t matter, can make all the difference in your meditation session. Somewhere to sit, a location for your essential oils, and quiet are essential to a great period of meditation.

Activating the Mindset

Now that you have the perfect oil for your mood, a great way to receive the benefits of the oils, and a calm & quiet space you are about ready for the meditation. The last thing needed for a great meditation session is the proper mindset.

Making sure that your mind is ready for the practice is key. You won’t be able to clear out all the negativity inside your brain but allowing yourself the opportunity to remove those negative thoughts is necessary. For meditation with essential oils to work most efficiently, you need to want it to work.

The experience of meditation combined with essential oils can be transformational. It can assist with the unlocking of deeply lodged stress that plague our bodies and minds. Ensuring that you have the right oil for your mood, an efficient delivery system, and a calm & inviting space that promotes the essential oils benefits will make your meditation practice beneficial.