Buying a franchise gives you the freedom of owning and operating your own business with the expert support of an established company behind you. The cost of owning one of these franchises can range from just a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Before you invest a single dime of your own money, it’s important that you look at some of the top trending franchise options available.

Senior Care

One of the current trends in the franchise industry is the rise of senior care franchises. The baby boomers are one of the largest groups of people in the United States and, as they age, companies can step in and help their families take care of them. As people will continue growing older and needing help, the need for these franchises will rise too. Many people nearing retirement worry about how they will care for themselves and what will happen to their health. As the owner of a franchise like Visiting Angels or Home Instead Senior Care, you and your employees can care for the elderly in their own homes.


While restaurants always appear on lists of the top franchises, the type of restaurants that wind up at the top of the list change from year to year. Though you might think that you need to spend millions to open a Subway, McDonald’s or another restaurant, there are other restaurants popping up that go beyond those household names. A good example is Kona Ice, which makes and sells snow cones to consumers. Jimmy John’s is another popular choice. Many of the trending restaurant franchise opportunities include fast service restaurants, but you’ll also find healthy dining options gaining in popularity too.

Home Cleaning

Many people do not like cleaning their homes or taking care of home improvement projects, which is why home cleaning and service franchises are so popular. There are several carpet cleaning franchises for sale as well, who let customers call in and schedule an appointment for professionals to clean their carpets, furniture, tiled floors and other surfaces. Franchises like Molly Maids can wash dishes, clean windows, and take care of other services around the house. The need for these services will only grow as more couples find themselves working outside the home and struggling to find time to clean.


As the country recovers from the recession, workers have more money to spend on travel. During the recession, hotels across the country closed down because of a lack of business. Now is a good time to purchase a hotel franchise from a reputable company. Hampton and Hilton are just two of the major hotel chains that have franchise opportunities available. While it might take more money than you would like to open a hotel, you have a built-in customer base of travelers.


Another trend found in the hotel industry is opening popular gyms. Television shows, blogs and news programs keep warning people of the dangers of being overweight. Being overweight can lead to heart disease, diabetes and a range of other health conditions. If you live in an area with a lot of people, you can make millions from a gym that offers classes and updated equipment. Some of the fastest growing gym franchises include Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness and Retro Fitness.

The top franchises change from year to year, but staying on top of the current trends can help you decide where to spend your money. Investing in a popular franchise provides you with backing and support from a major company too. Start looking for the perfect franchise for you today!