Keeping a warehouse clean isn’t easy, especially during the wintertime. The snow, ice, and mud gets carried through as tow trucks and workers go in and out. This can be a big problem because someone could slip and fall in the slippery conditions. Or some of the products or equipment that is stored there could be damaged. Luckily, there are five tricks that can help keep things cleaner.

Keep Supplies Handy

Each entrance should have a shovel, a bucket of salt, and a broom. That way, as soon as bad weather strikes, all the areas can be cleaned up quickly without searching for everything. A bucket of clean water and a mop should also be kept nearby.

Use a Power Washer

Most warehouses have porous cement floors that hold on to dirt and mud. Over time, it will build up to the point where it is impossible to clean by hand. So the best thing to do is to wait for a day when the weather is a little warmer outside, and power wash the entire warehouse floor. Giving it a deep cleaning like this will make it easier to keep clean for the rest of the winter.

Add Rugs

Muddy footprints can be avoided by adding long rugs where people go in and out the most. Make sure that the rugs have a rubber backing to them, so the mud and water won’t seep through. If possible, add a boot cleaner that has long bristles for taking off caked-on mud too. These are commonly sold in carpet stores for home and business use.

Hire Extra Help

If the warehouse employees are too busy with their regular work to help clean up the wintery mess, it helps to hire one extra person whose job is solely to keep things clean throughout the day. Have them operate a snow truck to shovel paths through the snow, so the tow trucks can have a clean area to drive through. Ask them to clean up the walkways and do a little mopping too.

Make Shift Clean-ups Mandatory

If hiring extra help isn’t an option, then require each shift to clean before they leave for the day. That way, the other workers will have a fresh start, and the work will be done in a timely manner.

By staying prepared with supplies and clean-up tools, all the warehouse employees can work together in an efficient manner to keep the warehouse clean. Regular power washing will also help. And don’t forget to hire some extra help if things start to get behind.