Injuries can occur in any profession, but construction is one of the most dangerous industries. Whether a crew is at work expanding your facility, or you’re a construction company building a structure from the ground up, workers are at risk from accidents like falling objects or hard working conditions such as heat exhaustion or dust-filled air. Here are five common types of injury to watch out for on your job site.

Fire and Burns

Construction may involve hazards such as natural gas lines, exposed wires, or spilled fuel or other flammable chemicals that can result in fire and explosion at a single spark. It’s especially dangerous to be caught in a confined space where the air might be filled with sawdust or similar substances that provide an additional risk of ignition. Fire safety should be observed at all times, including having gas detectors, first-aid kits, and fire extinguishers on-site.

Structural Collapse

One common source of injury involves the collapse of walls, tunnels, or trenches. Bad calculations and unexpected soil and weather conditions can lead to the failure of structures before they’re completed. Demolition jobs also provide a considerable risk. It’s important that temporary structures are reinforced for work in progress, and demolition doesn’t begin until everyone is clear.

Slips and Falls

Falls are the most common cause of construction injuries. Carrying awkward or heavy loads, and tools or clutter left in the way can result in people slipping and falling from roofs, scaffolds, ladders, and other heights. OSHA has specific requirements for preventing falls. No matter who was responsible for the unsafe conditions, if you suffered serious injuries or loss of earnings due to a fall, you might have just cause to talk to a law firm like Sackstein, Sackstein & Lee to file a lawsuit.

Equipment Related

Heavy equipment is a constant danger. All it takes is a momentary loss of control to drop a load, knock over a barrel of chemicals, or even run over someone with a forklift or truck. There are also dangers in misuse of nail guns, power tools, and careless actions around mixers, conveyors, and other devices with moving parts. It’s essential that supervisors ensure that safety precautions are taken in every task.

Harsh Conditions

Construction workers could face a number of health risks from the conditions they’re obliged to work under. Repetitive motion injuries, usually in the shoulders, back, wrists, and knees, could result from the doing the exact same task over and over. Heat stroke and exhaustion are always a factor to consider when working in the hot sun, just as hypothermia is in the cold. Workers should be given extra breaks and kept hydrated under harsh conditions.

Normally your workers’ comp plan will cover the costs of injury, but there’s always the chance that your claims could be rejected by your insurer or though some non-compliance with state law. Then you’ll have no recourse except to consult with an attorney.