Instagram is all about photos, graphics, and images. So, choosing the right graphics to post on your Instagram page is very important to get the best result from your marketing. Promoting your brand or product on Instagram needs to be done with good strategy. One such strategy is to choose the right type of graphic to post on your account.

Many companies have successfully build their brand image on Instagram simply by using this strategy. They know exactly how to engage their audience with their Instagram updates. They know exactly how to mix a wonderful image with words that grab their audience’s attention immediately.

Here are 5 types of graphics that work best to engage your audience on Instagram:

Information-Rich Graphic

Information-rich graphic, also commonly known as infographic, is one of the most common types of viral graphics on Instagram. The popularity of infographic has taken the internet world by storm due to its simplicity in delivering information to the audience. With this type of graphic, you can turn complex ideas into one simple graphical presentation that make it easier to understand. This is the way you can help your audience to understand about a concept with a single image presentation.

Your Product Showcase

Showcasing your product on Instagram is a good way to make it popular. You can do it in a variety of ways. You can just showcase the photo of your product in a good angle, or you can also feature some people who are using the product on your photo (for example: featuring some experts with your product). The key is to feature your product in your image. In this way, you can introduce this product to your audience. This is especially important if your product is still new.

Events Related To Your Business

If you are attending an international event related to your business, you can post the photos from the event on your Instagram account. Most people will give you more reputation if you are attending prestigious events related to your business. For instance, if you have a business on the automotive industry and you are attending international motor show somewhere, you can build more reputation by posting your photos in the event, along with some new car models that are being featured in the event.

Fun Entertainment

People crave for entertainment everywhere they go. When they watch TV, they are looking for entertainment. When they read books, they are looking for entertainment. It is also true when they use Instagram. They are looking for something interesting. They are looking for entertainment. So, you can give your audience what they want. You can post photos and graphics that bring pure entertainment for your audience, such as jokes, inspiring quotes, funny images, and so on. Don’t be too serious with your business promotion. Sometime, you should also tease your audience as well.

Mystery Image

It means something that is unknown or unpredictable. It’s like a quiz. You ask your readers to guess what’s on the image that you’re posting. This will be useful when you are launching a new product. You will upload some teaser images that will showcase some of the features of the new product, and let your audience to guess what it is. They will go crazy waiting about what will come from you next time.

Those are the types of graphics that work best to engage your audience on Instagram. If you want to grab your audience’s attention on this fastest growing mobile social media platform, you should post those types of graphics regularly to your Instagram page.

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