Social media engagement is one of the reasons many online marketers generate more profits on their businesses. If you’re part of the competitive digital world of  marketers, you probably get what I mean. Social media plays a huge part in any businesses and it is no longer debated. When social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, instagram, google+, and pinterest became popular, many marketers and business owners invested their resources on social media marketing.

After learning and executing this marketing strategy, they are now reaping the benefits of the power of social media. Because of social media their business exposure has increased, there is a huge improvement in their sales, and their marketing and PR expenses has reduced immensely. Undoubtedly, social media is truly a game changer. It changes the traditional marketing into digital marketing.

However, being successful in social media marketing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort before you get to establish your brand in the social world and gain potential customers. In social media, content and customer engagement is very crucial. You have to learn various approaches and techniques on how you can deal with other people, your prospect customers. But before you do that, you must have a social media style guide.

Here are the vital components of a social media style guide:

Brand Persona

A business or a brand needs to have a character. In your social networking sites, make sure to explain well the purpose or nature of your business, your target market, and the product and services you offer. It’s not easy to gain trust from visitors or random users. But if you can convey your brand personality clearly and interestingly, you might gain more “visitors-turn-leads” into your business.

Engagement style

One of real objectives of social media marketing is to engaged people or your potential customers. How you can do that? Start from knowing your target market and opening a conversation in the social sphere. Avoid talking mostly about your product, act like a normal user and not an advertiser. People are more interested about your brand personality than your products. Do not hesitate to promote other contents on your personal accounts from other sources. Sharing stuff can also help you be part of community.

Content writing tone

To easily get engaged with other users, your content or posts must be written in a conversational tone. Be natural and talk like a real person. Be enthusiastic and responsive to your readers/followers. Get personal, entertain questions, and even critics. It is a good way of strengthening your connection with your customers.

Posting Frequency

How often you should update your social media accounts is depending on the platform you’re using. Most online marketers frequently updates their twitter accounts compare to Google+ and Facebook. When it comes to posting frequency you must have a strategy and make sure to be consistent in it. If you want to develop and maintain good relationship to your followers or subscribers, you have to learn when is the best time to communicate with them. Start experimenting and try various posting strategies that works best for you.

Profile Components

First impression matters in social media marketing. To attract potential prospects, your profile account should exudes professionalism. Your profile username, image, background, and bio are essential elements of a likable social media profile.

Keep this information in mind and apply it to all your social media networks. If your marketing goal is to reach relevant audience, increase your brand visibility, and improve your sales, you should follow this social media style guide.