Businesses have known about the advantages of cloud computing for a few years now. Many businesses have resorted to cloud computing to increase data storage and also cut out the need for an in-house server. Yes, in the business world, the cloud is a new, revolutionary tool that has helps improve efficiency, sharing, and storage for corporations. However, such a useful tool is not only limited to helping those in the business world. Cloud technology can be used in a myriad of ways for everyday tasks and in other industries besides business. If you’re curious about the other uses for this technology, read on to have your eyes opened to the world of “The Cloud.”


Gamers are using the Internet for video games at an increasing rate due to cloud technology. The cloud provides a platform for amazing 3-D games and faster gaming using either file streaming or video streaming. Gamers love the cloud for the lack of interruptions during games, and because of the popularity of “cloud gaming,” more games are becoming available through several different devices using this method. Gaming is a huge industry, so the incorporation of cloud technology is changing the industry, gaming companies, and the way consumers game.


In the construction industry, plans are always changing. In the past, it’s been tough to keep everyone informed about the latest changes, and as you can probably guess, this can cause serious problems and increases the likelihood of making mistakes. Contractors and engineers are now using drawing management software on the cloud in order to more efficiently keep their team on the same page while working on a project. Anyone with access can look at any changes that have been make to blueprints and floor plans during the building process so that everyone is informed about what is going on.

Help on the Road

Yes, we’ve had the GPS for a while now and this technology is available on our phones and even installed right into our cars. A cloud-based app created by University of Michigan students now allows a caravan of vehicles to track one another. The app allows viewers to track fuel usage, speed, stops and upcoming hazards on the road. The app makes it easier for many vehicles to travel together to a destination, especially if the group gets separated along the way.

Improve Health

Private clouds will provide doctors with increased ability to diagnose illnesses in patients. Infrared cameras may deliver daily photos to doctors so that they can detect early signs of cancer. A doctor may be able to remove a mole that appears to be cancerous after viewing a daily photograph produced by infrared cameras. A person with cancer may not need to go through invasive surgery, due to faster technology. The cloud is also allowing for clinics and hospitals to be able to easily pull up a patient’s medical information, which helps them schedule an appointment quickly, and get the patient in to see the doctor.

Translation Capabilities

We already use cloud technology to communicate with each other more easily whether it be through shared documents, or other files that are meant for several people. However, typically when we share this data, it is with those who speak our same language. New developments in language software have now made it easier to break the language barrier when sharing things online. Because the cloud has a great computational ability, people will be able to more easily communicate with one another in different languages and from varying locations. The cloud can instantly translate information with its speech recognition services. People will no longer need to hire a translator to be able to speak with others around the world.

The cloud is changing our existing world for the better every day. With each new day, cloud-based apps are being created that improve procedures and tasks across dozens of different industries. The full power and potential of cloud technology is still being harnessed, however, there are so many ways that the average person can use the cloud on a daily basis in order to change their life for the better.