If you have ever gotten upset during a business meeting, you are not alone. It is far too common for people to get heated during meetings, and sometimes this results in ugly scenes. You have to do whatever it takes to avoid melting down during your meetings or the results could be disastrous. Of course, staying calm is easier said than done when someone inevitably acts like a complete idiot during a meeting. To be able to stay calm in the midst of this kind of idiocy is an incredibly valuable business skill. Here are five tips to keep cool in a business meeting.

The Power of Venting

One of the best ways to avoid unleashing an angry tirade during an important business meeting is to go ahead and vent before the meeting. Most people are a bundle of nerves before a big meeting, and this nervousness gets the best of their emotions when something goes wrong during the meeting. To prevent this, go ahead and imagine the worst things you can happening during the meeting before you go.

Go ahead and vent to a trusted colleague or to your journal about all the things that are making you scared and nervous. Don’t hold back. Use all the foul language you want as you purge your negative emotions in a safe environment. Once you have done this, you will find that you are incredibly calm and prepared to stay collected during the meeting.

Look for Ways to Avoid Conflict

You need to always be on the lookout for ways to avoid conflict during meetings. If you are the one planning the meeting, you need to think beforehand about ways you can pre empt trouble. For example, perhaps you know a certain member of the staff always gets the meeting off on a negative note. You can pre empt this by launching right into activities in the meeting that prevent the negative team member from talking negatively from the start.

Begin a Daily Meditation Practice

If you have never experienced the wonders of meditation before, prepare to be blown away. Incorporating a daily meditation practice into your life will have the effect of lowering the temperature on your emotional thermostat. It also has an interesting ability to both sharpen and relax your mind at the same time. If you meditate before you go into a meeting, you will have the relaxed focus to direct the meeting in a positive direction with limited negative emotions no matter what bombshells go off.

Dress Wisely

Perhaps the most overlooked method of remaining calm during a business meeting is to wear clothing that keeps you cool. Wearing comfortable clothing that breathes well will do wonders for keeping you cool literally and figuratively in your meetings. Wearing a comfortable UnderFit shirt underneath your shirt will help to keep you cool and comfortable. Make sure that whatever you wear will keep you cool even if you get heated due to any crazy things that happen during the meeting.

Know When to Take Breaks

Almost every time an emotional outburst happens during a business meeting, at least half the people in the room could sense it coming a mile away. If the person in charge of the meeting pays attention, a break will be called when this feeling is palpable and before the outburst happens. If you are not the one leading the meeting, don’t be afraid to suggest a break to do your part to keep meetings from ending up in disaster. Likewise, if you can feel yourself getting close to flipping out, ask for a break so you can gain back your composure.

Just one ill-time outburst in the wrong meeting can derail the course of your career. That is why it is so important that you know how to keep yourself calm even under the most stressful conditions during your meetings. It may take some experimentation to find the best methods for you to stay calm. If you are dedicated to learning how to remain calm at all times, you will discover the methods that work best for you. Start with the five tips above, and you will on the path to a Zen-like calm that will help ensure your business meetings go well.