Relationships change over time. This is nothing unusual or worrisome, since the partners change, too. But if you let your relationship drown in its problems and stagnate, that’s when you should pay attention to that alarm flashing before your eyes. Just like all things in life, relationships also require work to keep the flames going. Take a look at this advice, maybe you’ll find the perfect way to prevent future heartache.

Listen to Each Other


Women like to talk and men like to keep things to themselves. But using stereotypes as excuses for being too lazy to put in an effort will not create a bridge between you, but rather a divide. The basis for a successful relationship is good and quality communication, and the only way a couple can achieve that is by truly listening to each other and respecting the difference in opinion and viewpoints. If an argument occurs, keep a clear head and don’t lose your temper but try to compromise and resolve the issue peacefully. Don’t only point out the wrongs, but also show appreciation for the good.

Enjoy Couple Rituals


Every couple has their own small rituals and things unique only to them. So don’t lose them or forget them over time, but create new ones and keep the old ones going. Whether it’s the morning coffee you drink together or date night every Friday, even small things like buying your girlfriend flowers every weekend or binge-watching your favorite show, always look for a way to have those special moments with your significant other and how to improve them.

Not having time for each other has become a common problem for today’s busy people, but not finding a way to make time is an individual fault of each one of us.

Improve Your Sex Life


Over time, especially in long relationships, sex becomes infrequent and is sometimes even neglected. Couples tend to sacrifice their intimacy when they feel embarrassed, for example, women when they gain weight and are ashamed of the way they look, and men when they experience problems with erection. But there is no better person to confide in than your partner. They’ll be your support if you have to undergo erectile dysfunction treatment or like you just the way you are when you think you’re ugly and unattractive.

Learn to Say “I’m Sorry”


Relationships are not for exercising your dominance or imposing your will, they are about compromise and respect. Saying “I’m sorry” is not shameful and a sign of weakness, but actually proves you’re willing to try and mend the problems or that you care about the other person’s feelings, among other things. Compassion and care come easily to some, while others find it difficult to express, but sometimes they can surpass the words and be reflected in the gestures and behavior. You can be sorry for many things and some might not even be your fault, but the cause of your partner’s pain and sadness.

If You Share Space, Then Share Responsibilities


One of the biggest mistakes couples make is expect that the other person will remember to do something all by themselves. When it comes to house chores, for example, men are from Mars and women from Venus. Rare are the people who enjoy using their free time to clean, iron, cook, and perform other house-related duties. But if shared with your partner, they could become bearable and even fun. Pick up a mop and turn up the music, turn your house chores into one big party and dance the dust and dirt away.

All in All

People think that just because they have something they can stop paying attention to it. The truth is that a relationship is not an object to decorate your home, it’s something that needs to be nurtured and acknowledged all the time. Relationships are not easy, but nothing wonderful and great is. But just like it takes two to tango, relationships aren’t a one-man show either.


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