5 Ways Technology Helps You Better Market Your Business


In today’s quickly evolving world, technology is the means by which you keep your company ahead of the curve. With so many ways to reach out to the public, you’re doing your brand a disservice by not taking advantage of these ways technology helps you market.


You are in closer contact with your customer base than at any point in history. Facebook messages, tweets and even Pinterest pages give you direct access to the people that support you. Technology gives you a way to immediately act to either fix an issue or ask for opinions. If you’re not connecting daily, you’re wasting engagement.

Building Hype

Fake websites, phony accounts and the like are great ways to start building hype before a new product comes out. The more you can get people talking, the faster your brand will spread and the more people will check out what you offer. Then, once the launch is over, remove the dummy sites and prepare for the next one.

Confirm Your Expertise

Generally done through blogs, immediately published pieces can be posted straight to your website without the need to go through any type of publisher. These should be related to your services and how you are an expert in your field. If people find it helpful, they will share it through social media. By tracking the more popular articles, you can start to narrow down what is important to your followers.


File cabinets, no matter what, were never organized and always messy. Now, technology is opening up ways to better organize and store digital data. Places like Vital Records Control are specifically designed to hold the information you need until you need it. This means pulling records from last year to accurately assess this year’s marketing plan won’t take a full day of digging through dusty files in a basement.

Immediate Updates

Technology has made it so anything important you need to get out to the world is done so instantaneously. People no longer have to wait weeks to receive information packets in the mail or hours to see a special on the news. Instantaneous updates means customers are never left in a suspense that could turn negative.

No matter what, keep up with the technological side of your marketing strategy. As the newer generations raised on such site mature into adults, they will expect you to be right there with them.

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Sheila Sanosuke is an experienced career counselor. She retired from a 15 year career in financial services having acquired her accreditation through a top notch distance MBA course while still in employment. After her retirement, she decided to follow her passion in guiding and counseling young people seeking to build fulfilling careers. To find out more about what she has to advise about careers, visit her site.

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