Nothing has a bigger impact on modern lives that technology. That is as true in the home as it is everywhere else. People rarely stop to think about it, but it is vital to do so in order to appreciate how humanity’s home life has changed in the past few years.


Many modern homes feature automated devices, such as thermostats that can adjust themselves at specific times. They make life slightly more convenient, but the big benefit comes from eliminating the risk of forgetting about them. People who have automated homes don’t need to wonder if they forgot to turn off the heat before going on vacation or about any number of other problems. That stress relief can be significant, and is certainly valuable in the hectic world of modern life.

Changing Appliances

Even appliances are affected by technology. In many ways, appliances define and enable modern lifestyles. Doing laundry, washing dishes, and most other chores would take hours each day without them, while using the machines leaves plenty of time for other tasks. MayTag appliances, and others that are on the bleeding edge of progress, are starting to focus on efficiency and reliability in addition to saving time. That makes them cheaper to run and easier to maintain, which allows them to conserve even more of their owner’s valuable time.


People who needed to know how to fix something at home used to need to go to the library and hope that it had the right book. Now, they can simply check the Internet for a video that will walk them through the repair. This make sit much easier to be self-sufficient and it can save a great deal of money on hiring professionals.


Communication used to be slow. Misplacing a letter could end a relationship, and it was nearly impossible for people to call their home to let their family know when they were getting home. Cell phones make that kind of communication trivial, so it’s easy to coordinate with family members, even over great distances.


In the past, people had to travel to get food, movies, or anything else that they needed. The Internet and modern shipping technology changed that. Now, most things can be delivered to a home with the push of a few buttons.

A Changing Home

Today’s homes are very different than those of ten or twenty years ago. The homes of the future will be even more different from current homes. Fortunately, most of this change is for the better. It’s important to remain conscious of the changes to understand how far humanity has come, but it is normally fine to relax and enjoy the benefits that technology brings to modern homes.