The Indian smartphone market is a happy place to be in for the handset manufacturers around the world. According to a recent survey, India has been steadily climbing the ladders and is now counted among top 3 smartphone markets around the world. Moreover, the strong demand for budget and mid-range smartphones in the country has propelled the manufacturers to launch more such handsets in the country. As of now, the competition is so fierce in the Indian handset market that each handset manufacturer is launching atleast 4 handsets every month. Now this is probably the happiest space to be in for both brands and customers. However, the big question that comes up, lies in front of the potential smartphone customers, who need to decide which handset is the best for them.

This is where the web tools to compare smartphones come into pictures. These web tools are dedicated web portals designed to make it easier for smartphone buyers to compare handsets offered by different brands and make a purchase decision at the lowest price available online. This article is a roundup of the best 5 price comparison web tools available online.


Priceraja.com is an efficient web tool for handset comparison that is fast becoming popular among users. This price comparison website also allows you to compare up to 4 handset at the same time. It also lists specifications and best buy prices side by side for an efficient comparison. However, what sets Priceraja apart from others is the wide array of other features that are provided on the website. The comparison tool lets you type the name of devices by self or select from dropdowns with two options viz. brand and model. Further, it also shows a list of most popular mobile comparisons for the convenience of users. Moreover, the website lets you check the latest news and features on smartphone industry, a list of upcoming mobiles and an extensive list of all smartphones available in the market, to list a few of its features. Moreover, the list of smartphones on this website is updated regularly, so you never miss a handset on this price comparison website.


Phonearena is one of the effective and feature-rich smartphone comparison tools available on the Internet as of now. The website lets you compare all sort of handsets across various manufacturers and carriers as well. This website helps you filter handsets based on handset type, operating system, dimensions, display, camera, multimedia, Internet and technology. You can also compare up to 3 handsets of your choice side by side to match the specifications and other details of the handsets. However, the user interface is quite basic and just gets the job done. This site is for you in case you have already narrowed down your choices and want a quick analysis of handsets you have selected.

NDTV Compare

NDTV is a known brand in the field of journalism and the NDTV Gadgets is a tech-centric portal launched by the group to focus upon smartphones and technology industry. The NDTV Gadgets domain is still in a Beta phase, however, it is a great source of relevant information. The comparison tool on this website lets you compare up to 4 handsets at the same time. This web comparison tool lists all the specification of selected devices side by side for a quick analysis. It also shows the price of the devices listed on Flipkart and Snapdeal. However, there is one catch here, which is there is no list of devices to choose from and user have to input the name of devices in the boxes provided and select from drop down menu. Again a good web tool for comparison if you have already selected your options and want a quick comparison.


91Mobiles is one of the veterans when it comes to smartphone comparison web tools on the Internet. This web tool has similar features to that of Priceraja.com and is quite efficient as well. 91Mobiles also lets you compare up to 4 mobiles at the same time with an added feature of suggested mobiles for comparison. Moreover, it shows a list of most popular comparisons by users as well as top mobile comparisons. The website boasts of an exhaustive database of all the mobile phones in India with prices and other specifications.


Smartprix is one of the oldest price comparison website that has been around for quite a while, which means it has an impressive database of handsets. Like all other price comparison tools, this website also allows users to compare up to 4 handset at any given time. However, it comes with an additional viz. allowing users to compare handsets based on all features or show only the differences. This feature is quite important as it lets users check what they would be missing out respectively in the handsets they have selected.

All the above 5 web tools for smartphone comparison are efficient and gives you a detailed comparison of selected devices. However, when it comes to comprehensiveness of the content and database, Priceraja and 91Mobiles rules the roost. And coming to features, it is Smartprix that is quite effective