Runners are always looking for the next best thing to boost their performance on the track. Contracting muscles boost the blood movement right from the lower legs into your heart. The faster and the more blood you can get your lower legs and back into regular circulation, that blood is going to get scrubbed. It will have all the repercussions of exercises and injuries cleaned out.

Your body jiggles when you run and there is a certain amount of vibration that occurs. And your muscles need to tune to the environment you’re running on. If you are running on a hard road, a bigger shockwave travels up your system, making your muscles work a lot harder.  The more your muscles need to make adjustments, the higher the chances of sustaining injuries. But there are great benefits to wearing the right gear when running. Read on to learn more.

Here’s an In-Depth Look at the 6 Benefits of Compression Socks for Recovery:

Cures Shin Splints and Bruises

You may end up tearing your muscles way too much that result in a strain or a sprain. If you are a runner, you may experience shin splints, which is an acute pain right behind your shins. Copper compression socks effectively treat shin splints and bruises to speed up your treatment time. When combined with analgesics, compression socks reduce swelling and promote quick healing.

Reduces Pain and Swelling

With all the athletic training, gravity combined with poor circulation is an everyday woe post workout. You are more likely to overwork the muscles in your feet and legs after an intensive workout. And chances are your legs will suffer hours of swelling and poor circulation. But most athletes think the swelling stems from pain, but it is actually the other way round.

With a well-designed pair of compression socks, the arches of your feet feel a tighter squeeze than your calves. This gives the blood an extra boost against gravity and all the painful swelling is put to rest.

Regulates Blood Flow and Avoids Sudden Cramping

Copper compression socks effectively regulate blood circulation. When blood transports oxygen to your muscles, your recovery time after a workout is automatically reduced.

Helps Runners Retain Muscular Power

One of the most important post-running recovery tips is retaining muscle power. Constantly running can break down muscle tissue. But this breakdown is mandatory to help muscles grow a lot stronger during the recovery period. Initially, compression socks may leave your feet and legs feeling sore. But, the soreness is a major reason why many runners find that their bodies adapt and grow a lot stronger for consecutive runs.

Reduces Lactic Acid Build-up in Muscles

The right gear improves blood flow and reduces the build-up of lactic acid in your leg muscles. The full foot to toe coverage works best for post workout recovery to ensure you keep performing better.

Reduces the Risk of Chafing and Muscle Soreness

Runners should avoid wearing poorly fit socks since they lead to poor circulation in your feet and legs. And unless you are wearing the right gear, you will experience the occasional strain.

Reduces Increased Moisture on Feet

Athletes invest plenty of hours to perfect their game on the track. Copper compression socks keep moisture and bacteria at bay and prevent your socks from constantly running against your shoe soles. Not just that, the right gear also reduces your chances of sustaining blisters all over your feet.

Sore and weak muscles are an inevitable part of a workout. But the addition of copper compression socks to fitness gear takes you a step closer to goals. Whether it’s a sudden cramp or lactic acid buildup, the right gear gives your performance on track a major boost!