Entrepreneurs are the backbone of American small businesses, and they come from interesting backgrounds and educations. There are a lot of different, that are obviously degrees related to business. There are degrees out of the norm, which can provide interesting skills to future business owners.

Physical Education

A degree in physical education focuses on instilling the value of self-discipline and teamwork in others too. This degree also focuses preparing someone to be an educator. An educator is supposed to be able to deal well with groups and instruct with patience and efficiency. These are the qualities a business owner and leader of a team of employee’s needs.


An English degree can be invaluable in creating writing skills for a business owner. Business owners need to be able to write copy, sale ads and tend to the online presence of the business with eloquence. A degree in English is an all-encompassing degree to prepare a future business owner in proper, intelligent communication and networking.


A degree in engineering will help a business to thrive, especially if it’s in computer engineering. Online businesses and the computer engineers running them are becoming the new norm for modern day commerce. Also, designing applications, websites, programming and being competent with numbers are all great skills for an owner of a new startup, especially if the business is on the web or tech related.

Public Administration

If someone were to pursue an online masters of public administration, then they would have all of the tools necessary to run a successful business. Public administrators are highly skilled managers in a myriad of aspects. A city is a business, and if anyone is serious about running a business and pursued an MPA, then they would have the skills to budget for a variety of businesses including nonprofits, and they would be highly proficient in dealing with public affairs and communications on top of their impressive management qualifications.


History majors possess the abilities to critically think and analyze situations very well. They fit into a variety of niches in many areas suitable for a myriad of business types. The combination of these skills make them well suited to be entrepreneurs.


The theater teaches showmanship and places a heavy value on networking. Entrepreneurs have to be able to sell themselves and network with other people. A little charisma never hurt a new owner of a startup either, and a degree in theater or drama lends a lot of useful tools to a would-be business owner.

If someone is contemplating investing their time, money and education in a startup but find no joy or success in traditional business programs, then there is no reason to be frustrated. Sometimes finding the right business model and degree goes hand in hand with the skills and passion of the would-be founder.