Congratulations! You’re a father! Your plate is already overflowing with responsibilities. But let’s be honest, it’s a joyous moment, and you wouldn’t trade it for anything else in this world.

Being a father means you’re a role model for your children. As they get older, they will continuously look up to you. And it all begins with maintaining a great image. Yeah, I know, you’re already handling the grooming part pretty well, trimming your beard or shaving every morning. But you know, that’s just the bare minimum.

Your appearance- the entire act, from clothes to shoes- all hold weight. So no matter how old you get – or how tired you may feel- don’t let yourself slack off. Here are simple ways to look like a stylish dad. And I guarantee that your kids- and wife- will note an instant and marked improvement.

Freshen up

In the literal sense, it’s essential to smell good all the time. No need to go overboard with the cologne either. Pick a subtle aftershave that’s right for you.

But figuratively speaking, your wardrobe could do with a makeover too. Besides, as a responsible parent, you need the elegance to do the part correctly. So pick out clothes from a brand that accommodates your lifestyle choices. Invest in a good collection, including casual, formal, sleepwear, and outerwear. Select a variety of colors that suit your personality.

Pro-tip: Apart from clothes, freshen up on the latest tech skills. Kids are embarrassed by dads who don’t know how iPhones and tablets work.

Style from the inside out

Are you wearing the same style of underwear since high school? It may be time for a change. Though every article of clothing adds onto your final look, don’t overlook the importance of comfy underwear. Common preferences include boxers, briefs, or trunks. But those who are more athletic may like boxer briefs better. However, always remember to select a fabric that’s soft and durable. Cotton and linen are typically the go-to choices.

Protip: Wearing men’s cooling underwear maybe your best option as they breathe well and are more comfortable, especially in hot weather.

Know your size

Be conscious about your body size and the way clothes look on you. There’s nothing worse than trying to fit into clothes that are too tight. Accept the fact that you’ve but on a few pounds over the years. And it understandable that you will need time to get back in shape.

You’ll feel more composed and comfortable in good quality clothes that fit well. And as a general rule, you will look amazing as long as your clothes are the right size.

Pro-tip: Avoid baggy jeans that are about to fall off or shabby sweaters that have seen better days.

Graphic tees are out

Sorry to break it to you buddy, but it’s time for a more sophisticated look. And graphic tees aren’t helping. They merely create the image of a childish individual who’s not willing to grow up. So how about letting your children handle that department from now on?

For a more masculine appearance, you should opt for one-colored or striped t-shirts instead.

Consider broadening your collection of casual attire by adding polos and henleys.

Pro-tip: The color you wear is just as important. Stick to solid or neutral tones for a foolproof style. Think camel, maroon, grey, navy blue, olive green, or classic white.

Pair up the entire outfit

It’s not only about choosing the right shirt or pants. You have to look at the whole picture. How does the lower half coordinate with the upper? While many prefer to a couple of jeans with every outfit, you can’t wear them everywhere.

Invest in a variety of fabrics, from cotton chinos to formal trousers. You’ll be surprised by how different the same shirt looks with another pair of pants. Camel or grey are subtle colors, but it’s best to have a few dark ones to help change things up.

Pro-tip: While you’re at it, how about some new accessories such as leather belts, wallets, and wristwatches? It’s been a while since you actually shopped for one- I mean these are typical birthday and Christmas gifts, right?!

Shoes matter

Ready to run around getting your errands done? It’s time to purchase a comfortable pair that’ll support and protect your feet. Get a pair that you won’t regret. Also, build a small collection of timeless basics that are suitable for every occasion, including sandals, sneakers, loafers, etc.

As Tim Little, owner of Grenson, says, “Round never goes out of fashion. It’s pointy toes or square toes that look obviously impractical. Nobody has feet shaped like that.”

Pro-tip: It’s not only about how shoes complement your wardrobe. Even elegant, expensive footwear can do nothing for you if you have stinky feet. Get what I mean?

Bonus tip:

While clothes and grooming are essential aspects of the package, you should understand that to pull off the complete look, you must exhibit confidence in the way you walk and talk. You’ll be surprised how fast children pick up on these little things.

And it’s okay to cheat from icons where style is concerned. People often need a little guidance from time to time. Seeing how others are doing it gracefully can get you headed in the right direction.

Final thoughts

With kids, it’s normal to be always busy. And balancing the children’s schedule alongside your job and managing the household can be challenging at times.