While it is always advisable to check out reliable blogs and various media outlets for social media marketing, at times targeting the source works wonders.

Social media website Facebook has ample marketing tools that can be considered for marketing purpose. Using these tools from Facebook will guide your business when it comes to case studies, news and marketing tips.

These tools are so innovative that it might inspire you to create some Facebook campaigns.

1.)  Facebook Studio

For those looking for live references of successful social marketing endeavours, Facebook Studio is perhaps the best bet. Facebook Studio helps one to embark on game changing endeavours that have made their mark in the past on Facebook too.

Apart from its usual marketing efforts, Facebook also has Facebook Studio Awards for campaigns that it considers exceptional. One can submit their own campaign on Facebook Studio. An interesting aspect about Facebook Studio is that it highlights selected campaigns from all over the place so one gets a chance to check on relevant issues from other parts of the world too.

2.)  Getting Inspiration from Success Stories

 Success stories can be considered as an helpful add on to Facebook Studio. Innovative Facebook campaigns from all over the world get highlighted in success stories. The results and individual goals of each of the campaign get highlighted in Success stories. What’s better enough is that some stunning pictures also get displayed alongside.

One can use these success stories for having some inspiration for their marketing plans.

3.)  Permission and Brand Resource

Facebook too has certain provisions like other media sites wherein certain guidelines need to be followed when certain type of content is to be used. You should access Brand Resource and Permission Centre so that you are in the knowhow of if your business is following Facebook requests.

As a reference, consider the fact that Facebook asks its users to not use Facebook or other trademarks as a verb.  Accessing the Brand Resource and Permission Centre from time to time will also let you know the kinds of logos and artwork that can be used by the brand.

You should be aware of the fact that your cover photo cannot have phrase as “Have 50 percent off “or “Check out the contest below”. These call to action logos go against the ethos of Facebook and you could end up getting banned by Facebook, in case you are violating any of these provisions of Facebook.

4.)  Facebook demo tool

If considering sponsored story ad placements, using the Facebook demo tool to preview its appearance need to be on your radar. You can test your own or stimulate a brand’s ad as a reference.

Facebook demo tool will help you come up with a template that helps display page post content. The same can be in form of sidebar ad or any sponsored story. Using the Facebook demo tool will help you better your position and come up with a practical social marketing campaign that is far removed from any kind of guesswork.

5.)  Marketing page from Facebook

To become market savvy one needs to be aware of latest happenings in the market. Facebook makes this pretty easy as the marketing page from Facebook shares resources and tips that will help you get innovative in business. The page is updated on a regular basis and all the latest happenings in the marketing world that hold relevance to Facebook get highlighted on the same.

As someone looking for gaining from Facebook, you should keep a close watch on live question and answer announcements and webinar that help one to connect with others and gain a lot in the bargain.

6.)  Facebook Exchange

Advertisers can take benefit from Facebook Exchange in the sense that advantage of ad retargeting on Facebook can be taken through some real time bidding. Audience can be targeted by the advertisers which in some cases can be you. This is done on basis of web history data. This whole experience is amazing in the sense that when any user visits a retailer website and does not make any kind of purchase, the ad can be displayed by the retailer on Facebook with FBX or Facebook exchange.

These are some of the unusual marketing endeavours promoted by Facebook about which one might not be having ample knowledge. Other common measures that Facebook has adopted for promoting business include Facebook ads which can help an average businessman to reap profits.

Try the above listed marketing resources and see your fortunes surge to a new high.