Part of human race’s necessity aside from food and water are clothes. Clothes are being used to protect you from being naked, to make you more beautiful and presentable. As time and culture changes, style and colors have been developed a lot primarily depending on gender and types of people wearing specific clothing. Clothes also evolved and changes from time.

Moreover, T-shirts have been part of clothing style and became the choice of most people when it comes to comfort. Cotton is the most common type of shirts that most people choose, and you may consider the reasons below as to why cotton shirts are of top’s choice.

Wetness Control

Cotton shirts are comfortable since you can breathe easily. It can absorb fast that lets your body remain dry. So in warm days like summer, you can still feel fresh and comfortable since cotton shirts absorb your body moisture efficiently.


Cotton is soft and smooth that when you wear a shirt made of it, it feels good and gives your body or skin an exhilarating feeling. It’s also ideal for people who suffer from rashes and other skin issues.


This type of shirts fiber fabricated, thus, it is strong. Since some people prefer to wear cotton-made shirts on a daily basis, it is prone to washing. Rest assured that even though you wash it every day, the shirt will still look like as original as you bought it.

Simple care

One thing that makes a cotton shirt unique is the simple or easy care you can give attention to it. After washing the shirt and conditioning it.  You can hang it directly and does need not ironing a lot. Thus, you conserve energy at the same time your effort is lesser.

Cotton shirts are hypoallergenic.

Cotton shirts do easily irritate your skin. These types of shirts or fabric are utilized for baby clothing. Babies are sensitive to allergies thus they should use a cotton made fabric to avoid inflammation of their skin.


Of course, almost all of us loves to wear comfortable clothes. We wanted to deliberately move as we can be and the only way to do that is to wear clothes where we can be most comfortable with. Cotton shirts are surely very reliable for this.


While some people like to explore their closets all the time and be with the trend when it comes to the types and style of clothes they wear, Aussie Disposals still believes that in fashion it is still “Comfort before Style.”