While technology can help your business grow, there are several tech problems that can quickly bring your business to a halt. With the widespread use of automating software, and new devices being constantly introduced to the business world, you have to be aware of possible problems that can arise from the use of business information technology.

Outdated Hardware

Make sure your computers are all running modern operating systems, otherwise your business could suffer the effects of having outdated software. These issues can include programs that suddenly fail and security leaks in installed applications.

Lack of Training

Many businesses run into problems because of poorly trained employees. For example, if an employee doesn’t know how to use the software your business runs on, they will waste time figuring out each task on the go, and possibly find shortcuts that don’t fulfill all of your business requirements.

Viruses from Emails

Most business owners know how devastating viruses can be to the local network in a business. Viruses can make computers fail to function, or worse, leak sensitive business data to the internet. Many of these viruses are introduced to your devices through employees opening malicious emails. It’s important to start training employees about security awareness to prevent these types of issues.

Missing Security Features

Perhaps the most important feature of a business network is the security. A full security system will feature physical security measures like gateways and switches, and virtual features like firewalls. Make sure you have a firewall installed between your employees and the web, so that you’re less vulnerable to viruses, worms and other harmful software.

Inadequate Backups

If all of your businesses data is destroyed by a virus, short in an electrical circuit, or damaged devices, you will have to rely on backups. Businesses that don’t have backups are subject to employee memory, and often have no recourse in such situations. You can prevent this by having duplicate copies of all files, regularly backed up on to external hard drives and servers.

Bad SEO or Web Presence

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make or break a business. If you have a lack of, or poor SEO, you can lose customers to competitor business who have good SEO practices. Make sure you own a domain name highly related to your business, and setup an informative website for your customer base.

These six tech issues can cause major problems in your business, if not tended to quickly. To ensure your business keeps up with modern technology, while operating smoothly, put preventative strategies in place to stop these potential issues before they arise.