Many people believe that technology is life savior because it has made humankind more productive and has been assisting humankind in many professions and the most worthy of consideration is the medical field. But, its not just used in serious fields, also for our own entertainment like playing games online at places like this website link.Technology has made life much easier than it previously was. Many scientists believe that technology has changed the course of human life.

There are others who see technology as the worst nightmare. According to these people, technology has done nothing except providing human beings with the most destructive instruments and weapons which they use against each other. These people acknowledge that technology has changed the course of human life, but only to bring the worst.

These are two schools of thought that go on opposite extremes to justify their own perspective. But what about the use of technology in general: the way we use technology in our daily life routines. There is yet this third school of thought that believes that the addiction that we have for technology is really destructive. Many types of research show that the addiction or craving for technology is the same as the craving for drugs. Like alcohol or any other drug, you can get addicted to any technological gadget, and the worst thing is that there are no laws regarding its usage.
We have made a list of top addictions of technology that you should be really worried about.

TV Addiction


TV addiction is so subtle that you may not be able to distinguish between your enthusiasm for your favorite shows and your addiction for TV in general. TV addiction results in total lack of exercise resulting in obesity. Apart from obesity, TV addiction can also cause many serious problems like a heart condition. You can never ever consciously know that you are addicted to TV because you always think that you are killing some time by watching your favorite shows.

It happens initially with your prolonged interest in a certain show or multiple shows. Gradually you keep on increasing the time that you spend in front of TV, and finally, there comes a time when it is very hard for you to leave TV lounge even for a second.
TV addiction can also cause many social and family problems. If you are addicted to TV, it is certain that you won’t give the remote control to anyone else and you won’t allow anyone to change the show. This is alright if it happens for once or twice, if you keep on doing it continuously, your will be really a trouble for your family members.

Gaming Addiction

Gaming addiction is also much like TV addiction, but we can point out a certain age difference between the people who have TV addiction and those who have a Game addiction. Adults are mostly TV addicted, and most children and teenagers might be game addicted. Gaming addiction can also have the severe health consequences as like TV addiction.

Gaming addiction is very dangerous for children because they are continuously growing, and if they don’t do any physical activity, and instead if they spend their entire time playing games, it is possible that their growth will be affected.

For teenagers, if they are addicted to games, there can be a productivity loss. Teenage is the time of life when one must be deciding or making decisions about the future pursuits, but if you are trapped in gaming addiction, it is very unlikely that you will be able to make some serious decisions about your studies and your future goals.

The worst thing about the gaming addiction is that it never ends when you finish one game, but instead it arouses you to seek for more games. Parents should take strict measures if their children are interested in playing games: parents should make sure that their children are playing it only in a limited time-period. Parents should also encourage physical activities.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is worst of all addictions, and it is aroused by your greed to get more and more money. In the past, you could easily avoid gambling because it was limited only to some specific places like casinos, but nowadays it is just a few swipes away: you can access it on your mobile phones. This easy access to gambling has made it very difficult for persons to avoid or quit gambling.

It’s not only a matter of concern for mature people, but children are also being introduced with gambling in the free section of apps. The worst thing about gambling addiction is that you will satisfy your urge at any cost. Once you start gambling, soon you will be selling your precious things and even your house. A gambler doesn’t even care about his relations.

Most people become addicted to gambling because they are introduced to gambling initially at their smartphones’ apps. The addiction keeps on increasing and increasing and they finally head towards the real casinos or clubs.

Internet Addiction


There is a very fine distinction between using the internet for study purposes or for gaining information and being an internet addict. Internet addiction is basically a condition in which you browse on the internet to get some useful information and end up spending hours on popular sites, and only, in the end, you realize that you spent too much time. This realization is, even, of no use because the same thing happens the next time.

The perfect examples of internet addiction are social media services. If you are checking notifications of your social media service, you will then check news feed, and there will be few feeds that will distract you in a way that you won’t even realize that you have spent too much time surfing the internet.
Internet addiction can affect your social and work life. If you use social media services all the time, you won’t interact with your friends in real. In a similar manner, internet addiction can also distract you from your work.

Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction is also bad because in the past you spent hours – even days – going from shops to shops in search of your desired thing or to buy the latest available things. This addiction has become worse with the introduction of online shopping. You can order anything you want, online. There is nothing bad in ordering things that are necessary for you; the bad thing is that you spent days surfing the internet to explore things.

Many people buy a plethora of things and end up never using them. It is a waste of money and time as well. As already mentioned, doing online shopping isn’t a bad thing because it saves a lot of your time. You can head to Groupon if you are interested in some online shopping and you can save by using coupon codes.

Phone Addiction


Phones have become our eternal companions. We don’t leave our phones alone even for minutes. If you are spending too much time on your mobile phones, we can call this phone addiction. In the longer run, you become so addicted to your mobile phones that you keep on checking it for no purpose. You try to find things to do on your mobile, even when you know there is nothing to do.

The worst thing about the phone addiction is that you will end up using your mobile phone, even if you are surrounded by many people. Sometimes it can lead to serious disputes and creates clashes between loved ones.

You might be thinking that technology addictions are less serious than the drug or alcohol addictions, and therefore many people don’t take it seriously. There is a real need to take all these addictions seriously because these can be worse than the drug addictions.