If your kids have moved away from home, you often have several rooms sitting empty. If you have an empty room in your house that is just sitting around, you should think about how much fun it would be to convert it into a home theater. It is a relatively simple renovation that anyone can do. Here are six tips you can use to convert that spare room into an excellent home theater.

1. Clear It Out

The first step you need to accomplish is to clear out the old room. Think about giving away some things. You can also store items that you may need later in Chicago’s best storage facility for safekeeping. Once the room is empty, you will be ready to turn it into a home theater.

2. Go Dark

Once the room is empty, paint the walls a dark color that will absorb light. Dark walls will create a much better atmosphere in your home theater when the lights are off and the film is rolling. It will make the images on the screen seem to pop more.

3. Get an HDTV

The most important part of the home theater is the HDTV. You will need one that is at least 42 inches wide to create a good visual effect. You should also think about investing in a 3DTV to get the ultimate home theater environment.

4. Surround Sound

As important as the TV is in your home theater, the surround sound is almost as important. To create a clean look with your surround sound speakers, you can get wireless speakers. You want to make sure to get a powerful subwoofer to create that deep bass that every good theater needs.

5. Popcorn Machine

One of the coolest touches you can add to your home theater is an old-fashioned popcorn cart. You can always keep it stocked with movie theater popcorn complete with melted butter.

6. Stadium Seating

Don’t forget about the benefits of stadium seating in your home theater. Unless you have a really big spare room, you will only need you to build one riser to create elevation for the second row of seats. This platform needs to be six feet deep and a foot high.

If you follow these six tips, you will have a great home theater set up before you know it. Don’t let that spare room go to waste. Take advantage of it by installing a beautiful new addition to your home.