Printers are some of the most precise devices any business will ever own. It doesn’t mean that your printer is more advanced than your secret teleportation device or your new sports car. This is purely due to the fact that printers work at an extremely small scale. For example, the nozzles in your ink print heads are calibrated in microns and it’s not easy to explain how a color laser printer even works.

This high level of precision is the reason you need to keep your printer very well maintained. Even the smallest level of diligence can save a lot of money when it comes to your business printers from businesses like Lafayette Business Machines Inc. Here are six tips to help you keep your office printer running smoothly for the longest time possible:

Use the Right Consumables

The consumables you use are the soul of your office printers. For them to function optimally, you need to use high-quality consumables like toners and cartridges. Substandard products will end up destroying the internal components of the device.

Get a Printer Maintenance Kit

Basically, a printer maintenance kit contains various tools and components designed to help owners maintain their printers. They can be purchased from a third-party vendor. Most OEMs provide printer maintenance kits for their customers.

Turn Your Printer Off If You Are Not Using It

Printing devices are designed to stay on for extended periods of time. This doesn’t mean that you should leave your printer on even when it’s not in use. Even if it’s a printer for small business or home use, keep it off to save energy and reduce wear and tear.

Handle Your Printer Delicately

You don’t bang around your flat screen television or laptop because you see them as delicate machines. Your printer, as rugged as it may look, is even more delicate than these devices. It has so many moving parts inside, and hence higher chances of destruction if handled improperly.

Don’t Let the Ink Nozzles Dry Up

If you stay long without using your printer, the ink will settle on the nozzles and dry up. This leads to clogged print heads.

Keep Your Printer Clean

Dust and moisture can be extremely harmful to your printer. In most cases, printers malfunction due to dust. When not in use, keep your printer covered up. Also clean it regularly to prevent dust buildup.

Take good care of your printer and other equipment such as office photocopiers. This will give you the longest services at a minimal level of expenses. Stick to the above tips and save money.